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  1. Bit slow and it feels slightly pretentious, but I dig the accents!
  2. Did you know there's a store in SF that exclusively sells stuff for left handers?
  3. I thought The Dark Knight Rises was pretty damn awesome! (Hahahahahahaha eye wart.. )
  4. Christian also had one with nutella and cream, don't worry Hoho!
  5. Inspired by last week's waffle hunt in Ostersund we had waffles with a fresh warm raspberry/strawberry sauce and cream for breakfast/lunch today. So, so good!!
  6. Just like your hooks, Kokobaby! I thought it was an excellent start of the season! And yay Mike!!
  7. Polluxia


    I wish I could rate this topic! While I am not interested in (having) aquariums in the slightest, I find all the enthusiastic talking about them absolutely fascinating - great thread!
  8. Polluxia


    She looks and moves like she's had a stroke or two, it's weird.
  9. Polluxia


    Didn't they get divorced 2 years ago or so?
  10. I like the premise of the show, but like Ern, I wasn't completely grabbed by it. Predominantly because it lacked sharpness in the wit department. I hope and think it'll grow on me in the next couple of episodes.
  11. This series made me smile so much - very well done and so incredibly cute! http://www.boredpanda.com/creative-kids-photography-jason-le e/
  12. Broccoli and potato soup with scallions and cocktail wieners, surprisingly delicious! And for dessert puff pastry filled with goats cheese spread and rhubarb/raspberry compote
  13. The accoustic live versions of this song are phenomenal as well, but I am loving the bass/drums of the original: And this is brilliant in so many ways:
  14. Sorry, can't hear you over my own noises of pleasure seeing this! What happened Val!?!?
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