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  1. https://www.alphacool.com/shop/gpu-water-cooler/eisblock-gpx/ GPUConfig link from the menu
  2. I'll post the site that links directly to it tomorrow. I actually played a game tonight. Set up Red Dead Redemption 2 on Ultra, then started the story. I haven't played it before, but wow it looks nice. GPU topped 67C and CPU with the 2 radiators now topped 45-50C. It didn't heat up my room as much as my old OC card with my OC CPU did. Before, I would have the full loop equalise around 60-65C under load with the grill on top of the case hot to the touch (not too hot to touch, but hot). Today it remained cool to the touch. I'm guessing that equalise temp as cpu and gpu would show the same temp. As for the drive bay thing, I have an xspc one, but I get paranoid about not seeing the flow with it (only the level), and I think that the pump noise might be quieter more inside the case rather than just inside and near the top vents
  3. Under stock, only seen it top out at 65C, fans no where near max. The newer cards limit themselves thermally with their auto-boosting overclock kind of thing It's almost not worth putting it under water, but I'm sure I'll do it anyway
  4. ekwb you mean? Not sure I'd get EVGA anything now anymore, they used to be great but kinda pulled out of the UK to focus on the US. My 980TI was EVGA, and my 850W platinum PSU is too. Aquacool are making a waterblock for my card, it's "coming soon" https://www.hwconfig.com/waterblock-finder For now I'm happy with the GPU on air, I can't really hear it and I've managed to drop the pump speed for the rest of the loop so that's quieter too. I've put it together in a temporary mode, but it works ok. When a waterblock is available I'll tidy it properly. Might even ditch my drive bay pump/res combo and move it inside the case properly. That should align with ditching the last couple of HDD though too.
  5. I'd wait for the Series S to be out and use that for a 2nd, if you look for a new purchase. The parental controls are really good btw https://account.microsoft.com/family/
  6. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/14055979 12,818. double my old result
  7. Now I have to break my full loop apart. (photo taken for ocuk forum role call. I'm told that will make my penis grow)
  8. So now when you get it: Put old Xbox in a 2nd room, leave it as your "Home Xbox". All profiles on this xbox can run your library and benefit from game pass/gold even when you are not signed in Put Xbox Series X in room you game in. All profiles on this xbox can run your library and benefit from game pass/gold only when you are signed in Set up like that, you can even have 2 different profiles play the same game on different consoles at the same time.
  9. It seems I could do my upgrade today, just Game site was down. I'll see when I get it
  10. Game allow you to update the All Access plan from tomorrow, if you have the 12 month deal like I do. So I'll have to wait for now, will probably mean I miss out on the first batch, who knows?
  11. Order shipped, should get it tomorrow
  12. Going by the forums and looking at order numbers, at 14.33 I was in the first 800 across the 21 cards that were on offer. I'll let the order sit, as that's a good chance of getting it before Xmas I'm undecided about whether to include it in my full loop, I could just temporarily put the WC through my mobo until I decide later
  13. global stock shortages.. considering cancelling my "pre-order" that was an order now, then seeing what happens later.. I can wait after all
  14. I think they're guessing based on last gen https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/
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