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  1. That reply deserves a like button
  2. I get the same frame rate in WDL on my i7-7700 and RTX3080 as the test setup for this review running an i9-9900K, proving it's my expectations that are wrong the for game engine that is used. https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/amd-radeon-rx-6800-xt-review,15.html Also, the Cyberpunk recommended requirements for 1440p ultra name the i7-6700K, so I don't think I need to upgrade yet. I'd also question if David needs to.
  3. Kunasha

    New PC

    You can get faster ram at same frequency dropping the CL number, and AMD chips are supposed to really benefit from the lower timings. For example, 3600 CL15 could beat 4000 CL17. There is a formula to work that out somehow, but lower latency is better for the RYZEN architecture 850w better option, you want the headroom and some 3080 run over 400w.
  4. Kunasha

    New PC

    I have an LG 27GL850, it's a freesync and gsync compatible IPS and runs 144Hz, (48 to 144 variable). I really like it. this one https://www.morele.net/monitor-lg-27gl850-b-5939152/
  5. I think at the moment you might struggle to find stuff you want in stock, unless you go for the previous generation stuff
  6. In Watch Dogs Legion with RTX on only.. in most games I get 75-144FPS with ultra settings at 1440p, so pretty happy with that. Even WDL gives me 75+ consistently if I turn off RTX, but why would I do that? I don't think a 2070 can compete with that.
  7. It's not a priority for me right now, as I'm only struggling in one game that I got free with my GPU, and that I can wait to play.
  8. I'm going to wait the 6 months or so for Intel's response and see what happens
  9. some interesting gaming benchmarks here, which puts the 5950X behind the i7/i9 in some games still (with an RTX 3090)
  10. Seems all the 5nnnX kick ass
  11. While older games are pretty much single threaded and rely on clock speed, the newer engines are starting to use more threads. This will increase as devs develop for Xbox Series X and PS5. If you can wait until new year, then you may as well wait until April when Intel bring out Rocketlake and see how that compares. However, if previews can be believed then Intel have their work cut out to match Zen 3. We'll see I guess. The lower the resolution and higher refresh rate you game at, the more you will get CPU bottleneck vs GPU. Stronger GPU is needed for higher resolutions, and if you game at 1440p ultrawide or 4K, you're more likely going to be saturating pretty much all GPUs on the market before you saturate the CPU. This changes a bit with 1440P, although I've only seen Watch Dogs Legion do this on my machine with the RTX 3080, and as I run at 5.1GHz this is due to threads needed rather than clock speed needed (all 8 logical cores max out at 99% when playing at some locations while GPU stops being at 99%). At 1080p, "competitive graphic settings", and a stupid refresh 360Hz refresh rate monitor, then CPU will be the main thing that would push frame rate up rather than GPU. For example out of these two running CS-Go in this config, the overclocked i7-7700K is going to be the one with the higher frame rate: 1. An i7-7700K @ 5.1GHz, and a GTX1080TI 2. An i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz, and a RTX3080 The higher the resolution and graphics settings you go, and thus frame rate, the more the GPU takes over doing more of the work.
  12. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/threads/ryzen-5000-series-now-online-5950x-5900x-5800x-5600x-coming-november-5th-at-5pm.18902000/ 4.8GHz boost for 5900x 12 core, 24 thread 4.7GHz boost for 5800x 8 core, 16 thread there is some ambiguity about which is best for gaming. The 5800x has all cores on 1 controller thing, whereas the 5900x has them split on 2. That could mean extra latency on the 5900x, but surely more cores available for stuff is more future proof? Reviews really must be read/watched I think.
  13. yeah, going to see about a 5800x or 5900x when the benchmarks come out. 5800x has same cores/threads as the new consoles, but the 5900x can leave you 2 cores and 4 threads free to do other stuff. apparently the ubisoft AC and WD engine really wants 6+ cores, I see 100% cpu use and my RTX3080 dropping to 80% at 1440p, 45-55 FPS, so not really what I want there
  14. Watch Dogs Legion has shown me that an i7-7700K at 5.1GHz is no longer enough for the latest games. The game itself even tells me that my CPU has a negative impact on performance
  15. all interesting, but I don't have buyers remorse yet. The RTX 3080 is doing everything I want it to at maxed out settings 1440p, so it's great for me still.
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