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  1. Kunasha

    Warhammer Online

  2. Kunasha

    WoW: Classic

    Nah, old games for young people who missed out on the first time
  3. Kunasha

    WoW: Classic

    I thought there wasn't any pvp at the start?
  4. Kunasha

    The Division 2

  5. Kunasha

    Albion Online

    I never left it, so might still have it
  6. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    TU3 coming next week, raid release date announced next week too
  7. Kunasha

    Star Citizen!

  8. Kunasha


    I should probably delete my test user now, but I like the name
  9. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    PVP changes coming https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2041621-State-of-the-Game-Upcoming-PVP-Changes
  10. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    raid delayed until May, no actual date given
  11. Kunasha

    The Division 2

  12. Kunasha

    The Division 2

  13. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    2 weeks until the raid releases now, so I'm starting to properly research and farm for a couple of PVE builds so I have choices.
  14. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    Anyone know: ahlfi or mattiasmont ahlfi was a friend of Chimp's friend
  15. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    anyone know Toste97?