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  1. So, PBO limits to Motherboard, CO to -5 on the 4 cores that Ryzen Master identifies as the 2 fastest and 2nd fastest, -15 on all other cores, and I beat the scores that I was getting with CO. I still have the 3800MHz RAM settings though, so got a nice boost from pushing my RAM a bit more. I already knew that these CO settings are stable
  2. Screw CTR, going to stick with PBO and curve offset. As a side note, I just got my 2 radiators setup nicely in push/pull and have replaced all Phantek's and Corsair fans in my case. It's pretty damn quiet!
  3. Very interesting, got my 5950X and RTX3080 at stock right now... but tweaked my RAM from 3600 to 3800 with pretty much same timings as before https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/20738628/spy/20737980 That's a big uptick (on left) vs baseline!
  4. I was having luck with mostly default settings, but PBO motherboard, 0 extra boost and CO negative -5 on my 4 best cores, then -15 on all other cores, was about to start going further (leaving the best cores), then I saw this: https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/clocktuner-2-1-for-ryzen-(ctr)-guide,1.html Now I am reseting stuff back to default in my bios, setting the LLC as advised in the video, then trying the RAM timings on my Samsung B die RAM. If all is stable, then I'm gonna hit that button in CTR and let it handle all the gubbins for me
  5. This closes on 31st May, and the previous issues are fixed apparently
  6. At the moment I've slowly backed off to negative 10 offset across all cores as I've had a couple of WHEA errors and lock ups. If this is stable, then I'll swap to tweaking individual cores and actually stress testing. Also, 1 of my Corsail ML120s started making a noise, so I just bought 6x Noctua AF12x25 and 8x Arctic P14 PWM PST to completely replace my 7 year old fans. Going push/pull on both radiators now so I can lower fan speeds.
  7. he hasn't beaten BDO, his accessories could be better, I have similar AP with no PEN https://bdoplanner.com/CessoryDaruValentine Still, that's a shit load of DP
  8. I have LLC and most other stuff on auto, just PBO limits set to motherboard with the 200MHz boost and the curve offset across all cores. Did you watch either of the videos? One mentions that the better cores could be tuned already, so dropping too much kills them. Eventually I'll go for it properly and tweak cores individually with no boost, then introduce the boost slowly after, but at the moment I'm experimenting to see what I can get away with as a starting point.
  9. I have neg 20 all cores and 200 boost, and I haven't bothered to test for stability at all. It seems fine in games so far and no WHEA warnings or errors. When I can be bothered to then I'll do it properly, but at least I'm happy right now anyway.
  10. Yup, I upgraded my win 7 to win 10 when it came in July 2015 too. Did you fresh install then? I didn't
  11. I uninstalled all games from 1 SSD and it still had 140GB being used, couldn't see it anywhere. I did delete the partitions, converted it into GUID based, then did the over provision thing and it looked nice and empty. However the drive did take a while to trim, which I don't think I'd ever done. If this was the issue that is a lot of space to have wasted!
  12. wow, a complete reformat has done me a nice increase https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/20055713/spy/20034991 That's with the usual RGB stuff installed, etc
  13. something like holding CTRL, I can't look right now, just reformatted all my disks except for data (having backed up games externally), then reinstalled windows for the first time since August 2014
  14. I moved the videos to a new thread
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