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  1. Now it's £240 more, an increase of £100 in less than a month. The Gigabyte Eagle OC RTX3070 is slightly more expensive than what I paid for my card, and that's not just a GPU tier down, but also a model down too. GPU market is so fucked, I'm really glad I spent that time camping the OCUK website on the 3080 release date and chose a model their forum said was in stock at release with more coming week after.
  2. Kunasha

    New World MMO

    In before the delay till 2022
  3. But damn is it tidy up front! I could probably do better really, but I'm putting off it all until I finally decide to upgrade the mobo, ram and cpu. At which point I will probably put the gpu under water too. No point breaking the loop yet again until then.
  4. oooh, I can add one of these to my 2nd PC, which only has 2 spaces for HDD inside and is already full That'll help my Mrs out with her new photography hobbie!
  5. I just added 2 more Phantek PWM hubs, so now I have top radiator fans running from 1st hub on CPU_Fan, back fan on CHA_1, bottom rads on 2nd hub on CHA_2, then front fans on 3rd hub on CHA_3. Then seeing as I don't have all the drive bays in (1xNVME, 4xSSD, 2xHDD, so I took the bottom half of the drive bays out), I think that I actually have decent air flow. I have the front and bottom fans ramping up fastest as they suck in air, then the back and top fans coming in later The new PWM hubs have nice blue LED lights, which get covered up by the case wall, hahaha
  6. Has anyone compared price now vs price they paid? From the same shop I used (overclockers.co.uk), the exact same Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX3080 would cost me £140 more now. That's a 20% increase!
  7. O_o https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/threads/i-broke-it-rtx-3090-water-block-install-gone-wrong.18916973/
  8. can you swap the 120 for a 240 or 360?
  9. CO2, and a foam really
  10. Damn right! I've never really considered it, but maybe we should have fire extinguishers in our homes!
  11. My z270 Asus maximus ix formula can't do i9-9900k, as that needs 300 chipset. So don't think that David's earlier board can take it either. The i7-7700k I have is the best for the chipset I have, which is a shame, because I'd like a cheaper upgrade too. If the leaked benchmarks can be believed, seems the upcoming Intel cpu is beating the 5900x in some areas, specifically gaming related
  12. you can get all the ubisoft ones now if you click here https://register.ubisoft.com/happyholidays2020-lastchance/en-GB
  13. oh, Ubisoft are doing this too, I keep forgetting about it though. Today is some motorbike game
  14. I'm thinking of waiting for the GotY / definitive edition
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