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  1. looks nice, but this forum is now read only. I created a computer corner channel on discord
  2. Kunasha

    Lost Ark

  3. Kunasha

    Lost Ark

    we're discussing in Discord, looks like Zinnervale
  4. Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion | PC Gamer
  5. Congratulations! When did you become a father?
  6. Kunasha

    Lost Ark

    pre-orders on steam or amazon Lost Ark: Bronze from Amazon Games Bronze = nice because of head start and pet Silver = Meh Gold = best bang for buck Platinum = most exclusive skins none of it mandatory, but you'll probably want to buy a pet sometime anyway, which looks at <€10 price but we'll see (also they are often given away during events)
  7. I just tried this demo out on my Series X, got to say it's pretty damn impressive! Imagine GTA6 using this tech!
  8. Kunasha

    Lost Ark

    By the time you posted I think it was only a couple hours left
  9. AC Chronicles Giveaway (ubisoft.com)
  10. Kunasha

    Lost Ark

    It has a queue, but no idle timer (or at least a VERY long one)
  11. Kunasha

    Lost Ark

    Lost Ark - Ultimate Quick Start Guide / Everything You Need To Know Before Playing The Beta - YouTube
  12. Kunasha

    Lost Ark

    all gone, but got 1 this morning
  13. Kunasha

    New PC

    Talking of DLSS/FSR helping with the future proofing, have you seen the benefits of the direct x 12 ultimate feature tests on 3dmark? The mesh shaders give me 150% extra fps, VRS gives me 50% extra, and the sample feedback gives 9%. So there are going to be new games using that version of directx that can really push things in the future
  14. Here is how they look in place. Yesterday I mounted my work laptop to the underside of my desk, and I still need to fully tidy up the cables connected to the laptop
  15. I was after some nice compact speakers for my PC for when I don't want to wear my headset. Preferably something great for music, that could fit in the gap below by mounted monitors, has a nice rich sound with decent bass, and would be great mainly for music while WFH and for gaming. I was tired with lack of clarity from my generic bluetooth speaker (mpower). After a lot of research, I settled on the iLoud Micro Monitors from IKMultiMedia IK Multimedia - iLoud Micro Monitor I totally recommend these for anyone who wants some premium near field active speakers. holy crap they are damn good. 5*
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