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  1. Kunasha

    WoW: Classic

    Green quests if I remember rightly, move to the next zone when they're grey
  2. Kunasha

    Watercooling your graphicscard, the noob way

    I still have 3 HDD in the lower drive cage, but the two front fans that come with the case blow in other them anyway. Considering I've not opened the case for at least a year, it's not too bad (yeah, I really should drain my w/c now) For the VRMs, there is a built in waterblock on my mobo for them (I think), I should also put them in the loop if I ever get around to draining it
  3. Kunasha

    Watercooling your graphicscard, the noob way

    no not at all sure, but it was there so I hooked it up anyway
  4. Kunasha

    Watercooling your graphicscard, the noob way

    yup, same case EDIT: I updated my picture I have 2 intake at front 1 output at back (those 3 that came with the case), then 2 that pull from bottom of the case up through 1 radiator, and 3 that push put through the top radiator and out of the case and I still get a little dust No idea how to fix, but I do have more fans I could add
  5. Kunasha

    Watercooling your graphicscard, the noob way

    it's so clean. I bet that will change now you've removed the case fans. You have my case in white?
  6. As I have the XBox Game Pass, I've installed this and have been playing it a little recently with my brother. If anyone else has it and wants to loot some plunder some time, let me know.
  7. Kunasha

    A way out

    This is cheap on Origin right now. My brother bought it and we've spent a couple of evenings paying it so far, only one of you needs to purchase it. It's been pretty fun so far, with some good laughs at some points too. I do recommend playing it with a gamepad though.
  8. Kunasha

    Flight Simulator

  9. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-11-you-can-covert-xbox-live-gold-and-game-pass-subs-into-ultimate-for-cheap
  10. Kunasha

    Flight Simulator

    For those of us with a HOTAS
  11. Kunasha

    Good Times

    Sledge, great guy that. We should invite him back.
  12. Kunasha


    looking good, but when is the 15th month?
  13. Kunasha

    WoW: Classic

    I subbed to retail too, it's so confusing. Not going to be getting the expansion though. I might try classic if I still have the sub running
  14. Kunasha


    Yup, fabric was new last year. My only negative thoughts on the chair so far would be the position of the adjustment paddles, they aren't the easiest to reach. My Mrs commented on how much better my posture looked last night though.
  15. Kunasha


    18 months late, and suffering from a neck that has required physio due to poor posture, I've looked at getting a better chair that actually fits me. This Ikea mesh chair I have had for years now is designed very strangely. To fit it you'd need a small upper body, but long upper legs. So, I've gone with the Secretlabs Omega. I'm on the lower limit of the Titan, so went for the chair built for my frame https://secretlabchairs.co.uk/collections/omega-series I went for the SoftWeave version, as it gets hot in here in the summer and that should breathe better than the PU leather. Not the colouring I prefer, but it will do. It should arrive in 1 to 2 business days