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  1. I also have the full heatsink/fans from my reference design 980ti, my card being under water since I got it. At 1440p, I can see my card is just in the area of "not quite good enough for me" now, but you are right, buying a card now is going to give you buyers remorse before the end of the year. I'm putting away cash for a 3080 or 3080 ti at the moment.
  2. Also, if you want game pass then watch for amazon deals. You can stack up to 3 years of time. I've still got a couple of years before my conversion of my Xbox One Live Gold to Game pass Ultimate runs out, they gave a lot of free time then
  3. I think it's 16 per server instance or something.. it's kinda fun trying to ninja stuff back to town, but really needs 3 or 4 of you to play it properly
  4. Square Enix Eidos Anthology is 95% off https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/14956/Square_Enix_Eidos_Anthology/ for me I could save quite a bit, but I have all I want from it anyway
  5. Alien Isolation is £1.50 today, it would be rude not to get it
  6. Kunasha

    New World MMO

    but pornhub premium is free
  7. I'm only 5 episodes in, but what I have seen sticks with the lore from the games, so I assume it's true to the books too. 1st series is supposed to set up the characters with the second series working on the plots, apparently
  8. Seen 4 episodes now, it's much better than the early trailer and I'm quite enjoying it
  9. Ogdo Bogdo, damn frog but such a sense of joy once you nail him
  10. Funny thing, the day after I get this for the PC, I get a free copy for the Xbox One X because I signed up for the All Access thing and the store did not have any non bundled consoles
  11. Kunasha

    [TV-Show] Britannia

    I've got Sky, so have this waiting in 4K/Atmos, eventually I'll get around to watching it but it requires the living room TV
  12. If there are no boobs I will never trust you again
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