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  1. Epic seem to be going all ass-hat about it and paying for exclusivity, so fuck em.
  2. Kunasha

    Destiny 2

    https://www.bungie.net/7/en/PCMove It's moving from Battlenet to Steam, so if you had it on the PC you can link the accounts now to make sure it transfers. Also, if you have a console, you can link your PS4 or Xbox account to enable cross-save with that, and viceversa (Console owners can link their account to play on Steam from October)
  3. Kunasha

    WoW: Classic

    I set up a basic discord channel and role for it, although the discord roles members and most other groups we have added for other games can see that channel too. I also renamed the nordrassil teamspeak channels as it was easier than creating those from scratch
  4. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    Now I've got that, turns out this week has the correct rotation for my last part of Nemesis, so time to do the invasions too
  5. Kunasha

    The Division 2

    Do the expeditions before Tuesday to get an exotic
  6. You're all healers with no tanks and dps. Remember that classic is very holy trinity for an mmorpg
  7. Unfortunately, I can't edit the poll to add prefer options. Personally I have no desire to play horde again. I did that for 9 months straight in a "you cannot kill those without life" mode while living off redundancy money, then continued to raid hardcore whilst back in work and still running a guild for a year or 2. Been there, seen it, done it, done. As I said in the other thread, I have never played as alliance and that is the only part of classic that would interest me. I'll happily skip it instead, as like most of us I have plenty of purchased games unplayed on my various game launchers. However, it does look like if you collectively go horde you will have the numbers to form a guild. So if one of you steps up to lead it I will sort out rights and channels on the Discord to help you out
  8. Assuming you're intel CPU, then update your intel chipset drivers and management engine stuff 1903 has new bug fix for spectre, etc.. it expects updated chipset drivers too (I don't have BFV, so can't validate this will work, but it stopped by BSOD with Div2 and BDO)
  9. This poll is to get an idea of the numbers that want to play. Based on this we'll know if it is enough to form a guild (10), or if we should look for a home elsewhere.
  10. Kunasha

    WoW: Classic

    I'd be more interested in alliance than horde, I've never played alliance before so would be good for the story and starter zones. I'll configure Discord for wow classic later on
  11. It's also great to have the higher spec single card and less heat pumping out, especially in the summer
  12. Kunasha

    WoW: Classic

    Green quests if I remember rightly, move to the next zone when they're grey
  13. I still have 3 HDD in the lower drive cage, but the two front fans that come with the case blow in other them anyway. Considering I've not opened the case for at least a year, it's not too bad (yeah, I really should drain my w/c now) For the VRMs, there is a built in waterblock on my mobo for them (I think), I should also put them in the loop if I ever get around to draining it
  14. no not at all sure, but it was there so I hooked it up anyway
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