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  1. I'm only 5 episodes in, but what I have seen sticks with the lore from the games, so I assume it's true to the books too. 1st series is supposed to set up the characters with the second series working on the plots, apparently
  2. Seen 4 episodes now, it's much better than the early trailer and I'm quite enjoying it
  3. Ogdo Bogdo, damn frog but such a sense of joy once you nail him
  4. Funny thing, the day after I get this for the PC, I get a free copy for the Xbox One X because I signed up for the All Access thing and the store did not have any non bundled consoles
  5. Kunasha

    [TV-Show] Britannia

    I've got Sky, so have this waiting in 4K/Atmos, eventually I'll get around to watching it but it requires the living room TV
  6. If there are no boobs I will never trust you again
  7. I already started watching Heroes, apparently people liked that and it's all on Netflix now
  8. Oh well, I won't bother with episode 3 then
  9. Kunasha

    Diablo IV

    Nice series on the Lore of Diablo
  10. I kinda really want it and £37 isn't too bad, but I've so many games in my backlog untouched that I really don't mind waiting for a steam sale in a year or so. It can then sit in my backlog untouched like all the other steam games I have
  11. Started watching this on Netflix last night, 2 episodes in so far and I'm loving it. It stars Katie Sackhoff, who played Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica. So far it's got me wanting more, so after 2 episodes I recommend it to anyone who loves Sci-Fi
  12. Kunasha

    Diablo IV

    I hope PC version allows for gamepad play this time, as some class builds really are easier on the xbox
  13. It's not clear exactly how this is installed, it could be from links inside discord, or from links in a web browser. Either way, be vigilant, don't trust everything you see. Discord is another attack vector, just like internet browsers and all internet/network applications. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/discord-turned-into-an-info-stealing-backdoor-by-new-malware/ Link shows how to check if you're infected
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