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  1. Bought dark souls last wednesday and i must say its really addictive and fun game
  2. http://www.inet.se/kundvagn/visa/308388/2011-03-22 Should be pretty good for doing what she needs. You can buy her the CM 212+ cpucooler in birthdaypresent or whatever as the standardcooler is pretty loud. Guess you could replace the cpu with a slower one and squeeze in an SSD drive aswell if you want.
  3. Just wanna give all the swedes a headsup if your looking for a new powersupply. http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.aspx?sku=591222 it should be seasonic who does them and for that price its insanly good.
  4. I've only played trough the SP but i maxed it at 1920x1080 without any problems or lagg. Some drops at certain points but overall it was fine. Phenom II 955, GTX470, 4gb ram etc.
  5. My motherboard doesent support 3 way and normal sli is all the power i need
  6. How much would you want for 1 of those cards or will you only sell them in a package?
  7. 40'c is totally fine. You cant get your parts cooler then the roomtemp with aircooling. It isnt overheating atleast i can tell you.
  8. DL HWmonitor, play whatever game, check and post your temps here.
  9. Also trickzter, what program are you using for your gfx cards as this shit total evo vittu nvidia controlpanel doesent have any settings for the fanspeed?
  10. Tried clocking my cpu abit with some program i got with the motherboard. raised the busspeed from 200 to 230 which gave me 3,6ghz. Then i ran this benchmark ungine heaven and it went fine. then i raised it up to like 3,9ghz and didnt get any bluescreen so then i raised the multiplier to 17,5 from 16 and instantly got bluescreen when i came to 4ghz :D:D:D
  11. The psu is fine. If it doesent support enough power for my system in idle its broken and not too weak. Now wow works atleast so now im perfectly satisfied.
  12. Resident evil 5 works really good aswell. Maxing it out easily. Quite shit the game i want to play doesent work
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