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  1. Had some similiar freezing problem earlier which turned out to be the memory. Try running with 1 RAM module at a time, switch if it freezes and so on. Got a different graphics card you can use to test as well?
  2. ZeAliX

    Skip Beat

    Haven't watched the real life version, but I found the anime quite enjoyable. Usually I'm not too fan of dramas or that sort.
  3. I don't think there's any big dps difference as boiware said they should be equally as good (probably not true though). As for Powertech, the skills I've gotten after lvl 10 for my AC is guard, taunt and interrupt which is not really increasing my dps at all. So would imagine mercenary gets some dps skills. You should be able to just check the abilities available for both AC, if you just click "show all" at the trainer.
  4. Eaglix wrote on Sat, 26 November 2011 22:48I actually didn't expect positieve comments on this one but hell, there are positieve comments Ye I know.. bring back the QQ from a few pages back
  5. Sammerkand wrote on Sun, 06 November 2011 09:37 The fact that you are under NDA means that you can't tell us you are under NDA, therefore by telling us you are under NDA , you have broken the NDA, and as such you may as well tell us what we want to know as the NDA is already broken. So sue me! Anyway, I'm not here to try to convince you that the game will be awesome, but I do hope the PvP will be good enough. Haven't been able to play a good PvP game since WAR and that died so quickly
  6. Ernesto wrote on Fri, 04 November 2011 17:06Swtor is a pve game though Shame I'm under NDA, but as it's looking now. PvP is not going to be neglected. I did mention WAR And calyn.. WTF.. epic win
  7. I suppose. Strange you would mention the way quests work as that's sort of one of teh seleling points afaik. Getting you to care a bit more about the story then just going to a guy a pick up a quest and go care mode But will see how it turns out. Thing is, from what I can see and read. A lot of the way combat worked in WAR is going to be in SWTOR. And I really enjoyed WAR, despite server lagg, hopefully nothing of that in swtor. For the record, never really cared much for Star wars myself. Just looking for a good PvP game. btw.. how much did that guy pay?
  8. Going to play it at launch, can't wait... Getting the WAR feeling from it. Hopefully they won't fuck up the PvP too much
  9. oh the memories of grinding titles.. anyone got the chest title yet?
  10. Tsuki got a sub up. although I didn't find the movie to be that good.
  11. Tlith wrote on Sun, 17 October 2010 10:25At least it was a better game than Aion QFT!
  12. ZeAliX


    Ye, getting pretty tired of those fillers now, I dl them, look at the start to see if it's a filler or not.
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