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  1. Starbuckx

    New World MMO

    This looks good! Pre-orders are showing closed beta not until April 2021. Any ideas on when the launch might be?
  2. I've joined a new clan, which is part of the British Centurions group. This is a competitive Clan Wars focused group. We are looking for players with over 1200 WN8 or 1700 WN8 for the main clan if anyone is interested or knows someone that might be. Just experienced my first real Campaign were we had a number of players placed in the top 10,000 although most missed out on the reward tanks, but I have to say is was very intense and exciting for 11 nights in a row. A few Glorious Victories and some gutting loses.
  3. Starbuckx

    Star Citizen!

    I don't know what's going on and don't really have time to read everything, but from the nice videos, it looks good......hopefully we can play soon! I think I've missed this freefly week.
  4. All you PlayStation peoples! I'm the only one with Xbox? Shame. I stopped playing after killing the final boss. Lost motivation to farm weapons and tempered monsters. Really enjoyed playing the game.
  5. I don't have a PS4 only xbox So your safe Chimp.....or maybe I am! haha I'm actually starting to like this game. It's starting to make a bit more sense.
  6. I'll see after Monster Hunter. Although my go to game is World of Tanks, been out of action since Star Wars was released.
  7. Sevi! Looks nice. I don't have an XBOX ONE x though so I don't think I'm playing it at the best settings. I did see something about playing xbox live games on a PC, so may look into that if I like the game. I think there is some online connectivity problems at the moment also. I was getting some errors. I've not bothered playing any co-op yet.
  8. http://www.monsterhunterworld.com/uk/ Launched on Friday. I thought I'd give this a try as I've never played a monster hunter game. Annoyingly it's only on PS4/XONE not PC and as I understand it, it's not cross platform. It's a single player game but you can CO-OP with up to 4 players to help you kill the monsters although adding a player makes it a lot harder to kill them. Hopefully you get better drops as a result. It looks quite nice. Combat feels a bit clunky but I think it's all about timing and not button mashing! Lots of gathering and killing big mobs that take a while to kill, that drops items that you use to craft better gear to kill bigger mobs. I think that is the whole game....!?
  9. Starbuckx

    Darkfall: New Dawn

    Looks like a good system but as Meilink says graphics don't look great. FPS on an MMO? I don't think I've tried that before. I'm looking for something to play at the moment.
  10. The technology is only going to get better. People will realise what they can develop using the technology and produce some great games. I bought Arizona Sunshine which was really good fun but I think too simple and limited. It could be a lot better, but it was still great fun to play. I don't like the warping around though. I'd rather use the sticks for fluid movement...not sure why they can't develop that in games, as shooters are so much better in VR. It's amazing how accurate shooting is. Multi player didn't seem to work either which is one of the reasons I bought the game. This sort of game needs pvp to keep it fun for me otherwise I prob won't play it again. I'd like to get the 360 sensor set up. I think they say one sensor is support, two rear sensors are experimental but really it's needed. Will be great when the graphics quality improves but it's good enough now. One thing I'm disappointed with is the amount of games on the rift. There aren't too many I'd want to play. Project cars looks great but I don't have a wheel or space to set one up. Elite Dangerous or Eve Valk might be worth a try. I do like standing up though and fighting games. VR UFC would be great.
  11. Set up my Oculus Rift this weekend. I'm blown away. Only got bridge crew so far which seems a little easy, but fun. Robo recall game is so much fun.
  12. You get crafting parts also in each loot crate which enables you to unlock the star cards you actually want and you have a chance to get higher level cards. I don't see this as any different to any MMO where you kill a monster and it drops something randomly. It really doesn't take that long to get enough credits from gameplay and real money purchasing is disabled. I liked the campaign, although it is short. Nice story. Arcade mode is quite fun but it's annoying that they cap credits you can receive from it....probably just to stop credit farming as it would be too easy. Hero mode is awesome. I suck at the normal game play....getting better though. If your a good player you will be able to unlock all the weapons and mods very quickly as it is based on kills. Wish they had this on VR!
  13. https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/news/progression-oct-2017 Anyone read this? So if you bought loads of creates you still couldn't equip high level cards until you've leveled your account. You also can only craft epic cards. You can only unlock guns and upgrade them by getting kills. This was posted back in Oct. What's all the fuss about?
  14. I was wondering why I couldn't buy crystals. Figured they disabled it for release. That is a lot of money lost for them. I'm finding it OK leveling up cards. In about 8 hours game play I've maybe done 30-40K credits. Unlocked on hero and loads of crates. Crates actually give quite a lot of stuff although shame it's random. I'm finding most success in hero mode. On 40vs40 I'm struggling. There is 8v8 objective based mode too. To level guns you need kills. 50 kills to upgrade first gun. 500kills to upgrade to best gun. That will take me some time! Not tried one much but I think you can earn credits from that too. Might be lower amount though.
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