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  1. Dansul

    WoW: Classic

    Awwh, I wish Ernesto was raidleading in classic, miss his gentle and unmanly voice...
  2. Dansul

    WoW: Classic

    Whats this real new MMO?
  3. Dansul

    WoW: Classic

  4. Dansul

    WoW: Classic

    So a 4000+ coalition of Nordic players calling themselves a force to be reckon with. Move server cause there will be people that dont speak English on the server or are they just afraid to get outplayed in pvp? Servers look like this atm: Shazzrah - Full Golemagg - Full Gehennas - Medium So people jumping ship on Shazzrah is an overstatement. Rather have a server with high pop then with a medium pop of whiny nordics. Cause thats just gonna get to the point where they complain if people write in English in the general chat.
  5. Dansul

    WoW: Classic

    I agree on staying on Shazzrah
  6. Dansul

    WoW: Classic

    The 3 across all servers are just to be able to get your name. after that it will be 10 per server and a total of 50 per account. Dansul - Tauren shaman 2 pesky alts made aswell on Shazzrah
  7. Dansul

    WoW: Classic

    We are going Pve right?
  8. I put horde only. Will play a shaman like i did in vanilla. Healer/elemental
  9. "We dont do loot boxes, only surprise mechanics" Will wait and see how this game is, seeing the previous trainwreck of Battlefront and Anthem.
  10. Dansul

    Apex Legends

    Some plays from me and Muupoo https://streamable.com/5q6i6# https://streamable.com/c7cef
  11. My body, mind and wallet is ready! Need Another good Star Wars game like Knights of the old republic or Jedi Academy games. Also quite interested to see what Respawn can muster up, cause Titanfall games arent bad, kinda underrated in my opinion. Then theres Apex, everyone knows about Apex
  12. Dansul


    Roughly 70 hours played in 12 days, so yeah im enjoying it. Various bugs and issues but overall experience is good. Do like the combat, flying, different Javlins and the setting. But the game is a lootshooter so your going to redo content alot. Missions sorta stay the same at endgame, you have "legendary contracts" where you do around 4 objectives during 1 mission, which seem to rotate of around 10 - 12 different objectives. 3 Strongholds (dungeons) to do and Free roam. They have a roadmap with content coming out. New stuff to get, new stuff to do and also a possible event that Changes the game World.
  13. Really liked the previous settings but dont see anything wrong with it being more above land, since this game seem to be more about exploring outside of Moscow. Can be good or bad. Will have to wait and see.
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