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  1. Eaglix

    Grim Dawn

    Just beat both Vanilla and Forgotten Gods endbosses on Veteran mode. Just a few quests to finish, paths to explore and I'll be jumping into Elite mode. Never have I seen so many positive comments on social media regarding the dev's work. And I can see why. This game is an arpg gem. It would be far more popular if it had had decent marketing. Nevertheless, it sells it's own. People loving this game are mostly PoE and Diablo II fans. Thanks to the mods, you can even mod the game to get the real Diablo II feel! (With I haven'y yet, shame on me.)
  2. Eaglix

    Grim Dawn

    Atm I just run around with my gun and shoot at stuff. I see no option to sprint/jump/dodge so feels a little cluncky indeed. Also, I don't really have skills and I'm level 11. Maybe doing something wrong, but I'm following this guide; MR. THUMPYSHARTS Dual Wield Physical/Pierce Gun Tactician All I really did atm is the Crucible for the easy devotion points.
  3. Eaglix

    Grim Dawn

    Thanks! Bought the full package with all expansions for 36 euros en steam. Let's roll.
  4. Eaglix

    Grim Dawn

    Aight I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Any tips for newcomers?
  5. Eaglix

    Grim Dawn

    Thinking about buying this. Anyone still playing? Or advising not to start this one?
  6. Eaglix

    Diablo IV

    Some interesting info about itemization in D4 Here I'll just leave this here: " very early design "
  7. Eaglix

    Diablo IV

    Curious of the PvP 🤔 See you there in a few years.
  8. Eaglix

    Warhammer: Chaosbane

    ARPG Hack & Slash Diablo style. The first beta will be from the 7th to 13th of March. Has anyone been following this game? Official Website
  9. Eaglix


    The Gin ship is already in the trailer 😂🤣
  10. Eaglix

    Lineage 2 M

    The only thing I'll remember is that Calyn poops 55min/day. Jokes aside, sad times ahead. Not only for gaming, but just overall life. As a cop, it's staggering how people actually grab their phones when something happens, instead of offering help, showing respect or just not being a monkey with rights.
  11. Eaglix

    Lineage 2 M

    Mobile. WTF is wrong with publishers. Diablo knows the same doom.
  12. I wonder how many people will play this. Never heard of it before.
  13. Eaglix

    Project TL

    First heard about it yesterday.
  14. Street Date and Open Beta Revealed! 24.05.2016 Pre-Purchase will give you early access to open bata starting May 03 For those who do not pre-purchase open beta will run from May 05 to May 09 But this all doesn't mather since we will all still be playing BDO :-p
  15. Eaglix

    Happy new year!

    Happy new one everyone and hope see you back all together in some game this year!
  16. Aight thx. Hope it's duable with lvl 70 gear :-p
  17. Do I need to finish my original story before starting the hot story to unlock masteries? Been looking for the story Rally to Maguuma in Redrock but can't find it. Wasting tons of exp because I can't unlock Masteries. Crap.
  18. Is it worth moving server? Feeling kinda lonely. Lvl 65 Revenant atm :-)
  19. Any of you new levelers still on the NA servers? Lvl 34 atm, if you want to group up :-)
  20. Nah not in any guild atm. Staying NA for the time being, just leveling that new toon atm :-) WTB bags tho!
  21. I seem to be on NA too (Henge of Denravi server). Guess Ginn was on NA servers too because my Necro I played at launch is also on that server.
  22. Does our guild still exists? Started leveling a Dervish or whatever's the name of that new profession.
  23. While waiting for my login info, what is a good fansite for GW2? Last time I checked something about gw2 was 2 years ago so I need to read up :-p
  24. Installing GW2 again. Seem to have lost my logins tho, and my serial code, and my character name. Oh well, ticket sent to support ^^
  25. Eaglix

    Diablo 3

    Those who want to team up for Season 2 HC Eaglix#2269 or ask invite to join clan: Ginnunga You can also catch us on TS (diablo 3 channel)
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