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  1. Muuman wrote on Sat, 09 June 2012 17:23
    Paintman. wrote on Sat, 09 June 2012 11:17
    Muuman wrote on Sat, 09 June 2012 09:13
    My strong barbarian has perished, his deeds shall be remembered.

    The mobs in act 4 decided they'd had enough of my onslaught so they gathered powerful allies and ganged up on me with those big bulls that stun :-(

    Did you react like this?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=M q166ggocNE

    Haha.. nah was more like 'awwww sheeeeiiit' :P and started thinking what i can do next time to avoid dying :-) :-D


    More like this then?

  2. There's another side to the Wizard tankbuild as well. I guess it's pretty well known, but I thought I'd add it anyway. Get some crit% and use as many dots as you can. You also need the Critical Mass passive. This will result in Diamond Skin having close to no CD at all

  3. I'm pretty sure bosses are supposed to be farmed with the Nephalem-buff, meaning you'd have to get to lvl 60 before farming them.

    I don't understand why first kills only were rewarding on normal though... would have been more fun if every difficulty worked that way.

  4. Yeah so like the topic says, I'm looking for a way to make my TV (Samsung UE40C7705) display my PC's screen, using an ethernet cable.

    I'd like to clarify that I'm not just talking about streaming video/music, I'm talking about using my TV as my computer screen using LAN instead of a VGA/DVI-D/HDMI cable between PC-TV (Samsung support had major difficulties understanding this).


    I was a bit clumsy when I planned the wiring in my home and left out the possibility for a cable between my PC and my TV. I would still like to use my TV as my computer screen every now and then, but I've had no luck using Samsung's software.

    What I do have cable-wise, is 2x cat6 UTP cables from TV to router and 2x cat6 UTP from PC to router.


    I know I could buy a HDMI-extender and use one (worst case two) pairs of my ethernet cables for this purpose, but it would be a very expensive solution as I'm currently using both cables from router -> TV and one from PC -> router.


    What I need is some sort of software that could handle this, or possibly a networked media player/jukebox (TViX, Popcorn Hour etc..) as I'm planning on buying a new one anyway, or maybe there's some completely other kind of solution I haven't even thought of.



    Any ideas?


  5. Did they increase the difficulty in the latest patch? Or maybe just nerfed the barbarian a bit?

    Sure, i had about 200 ms more than the first time i played, so it might have been just lag, but it sure felt more challenging this time

  6. I played an Imperial Agent (Sniper) to lvl 16 and it felt like the class had incredible damage.


    Until I got to mobs that don't just drop dead from emptying my 100 (or 110) energy into the rotation that I found very strong.


    Apparently, your energy regeneration increases the higher your energy is. A pretty nifty way of keeping the sustained damage under control while still allowing very strong burst damage.


    During the first, and only flashpoint I did, the Sniper completely destroyed trash packs, but I didn't quite get the hang of the most optimal rotation to keep a high energy regeneration during boss fights.


    All in all, the class felt very strong and has good solo capabilities. Can't say how it is with the other classes, but I tried to solo all the "Heroic +2" quests I encountered, the only one I really struggled with was a quest called "Saving Face" which involved two waves of weaker mobs you had to defeat, before having one stronger "boss" as the last wave. Several mobs seems a bit trickier than just one really strong one, I might have been there a lvl or two too early though.


    The last group quest I completed was the one where you used sith "tablets" of some sort to summon a Sithspawnling (I think it was called). Think the quests name was "Shadow Spawn".

    Took a few tries, since eventually the spawnling would do some sort of enrage and pretty much jump next to me and kill me in one blow.




    Something that bothered me was how clunky the movement and skill activation felt.

    Since you loose speed while jumping, you kinda suffer if you are like me and like to bind stuff to Shift/CTRL+[random key]. I'm stuck in a habit where I jump while kiting and while I'm in the air, I press the keybinds I need to press.


    About the skill activations; Imperial Agents have a skill called Cover, where you go down on one knee to shoot your more powerful shots. It might have been lagspikes (I was usually at 50-60ms), but often I would get stuck somewhere in between the normal modes and the cover mode. Probably something they'll fix, but quite annoying.

  7. Polluxia wrote on Mon, 25 October 2010 11:28
    Kolapz, awesome work!! Smile But why the hideous orange pattern? I'd never give into my dads midlife crisis if it meant having horrible orange stains on a wall! Wink


    Also, can I call you KoKo from now on? Heart


    Orange is awesome!


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