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  1. Howley

    New World MMO

    I refunded it a week or two ago, never even watched the trailer. I'm happy just playing GW2 right now.
  2. He doesn't run games, he afk's so he is only powering his 3D screensaver.
  3. Howley

    New World MMO

    They did Sammer, but there's a bug they just cannot fix. The player just dies anyways,
  4. Howley

    New World MMO

    Good, delay it as long as needed. Sick of pipe dream MMOs that are shit either on release or 2 weeks after it.
  5. Try swapping the cables from your GPU into a new slot on the PSU, assuming it's a modular PSU
  6. Playstation One memory card lulz
  7. Just be careful you are not stringing along the arrival date of parts. Some parts come faulty, shit happens and you will want maximum time to be able to put it all together, test the build out and if needs be, return a component. Meanwhile, the time is ticking on the return date for all other parts sitting at home while you wait for your replacement component.
  8. Leaked footage from the future, Drakhorn playing games with his new case and super OC to run........ a 16bit emulator.
  9. Most likely birthday suit ready.
  10. He bought just the box off ebay... always read the description boys and girls!
  11. What temps are you getting under benchmark tests on the 3080 right now?
  12. You guys got me hooked on Gamer Nexus / Steve on youtube - Yesterday I watched their live stream to break the 3dMark record for single GPU score. They got 14069 on liquid nitrogen, clicky youtube link I'll pass on the 3080 for at least 6 months, I want to see how reliable the cards are because of the issues I've had with my 2080 although I seem to have it working again now... too much BS though.
  13. Hahahahaughhaha............................................. I had to open my mouth, so I start getting the crashes again like an hour after posting, middle of writing stuff for college no less. Went back and underclocked to 1515mhz to see if that would help, nope... crashed 10 mins later, then again and again. I log the GPU reads, temps were 53c, memory was only like 400-500mbs in use, I have new dump files to look through but the weird one, the kernal shows critical - shut down without cleanly powering off, it's weird because when this crash happens I use win+x > u > u (shortcut to shutdown) so the kernal should not be giving me an incorrect shut down critical warning. ... I don't want to buy a new card :S
  14. Pregnesto! He has pregnancy brain again maybe. edit: bit of on topic - I was on discord with a few of you and explaining my black screens and 100% GPU fan on my RTX 2080.. after hours and hours of testing every solution out there, underclocking, this setting or that setting, PCI slots, PSU etc... I got a solution. Believe it or not, windows fixed it.... I enrolled in the beta program after hearing of some people having success with it and the 2H20 patch fixed the crashes, I gave it a shot and sure enough, no more event viewer errors relating to the issue, no more crashes and 100% GPU fan scaring the shit out of me, My card is not underclocked, everything back to the original settings except for that new 2H20 patch. :mind_blown:
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