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  1. Howley

    Twitch clips

    Best clips ever! Great thread
  2. Howley


    Isn't it pve only?
  3. Howley

    Dark Age of Camelot Free Shard

    Thane - See you out there!
  4. Howley

    3D Mark 11 - Now Timespy!

    "COOL: High Performance Hot Pink Opaque Non-conductive Coolant" - But why?!
  5. Howley

    Final Fantasy XIV

    I went back and played it myself twice I think. Had fun, served its purpose and I've moved on again. Think I had 4-5 50's but only my White Mage had competitive end gear.
  6. Howley

    3D Mark 11 - Now Timespy!

    Hmm to overclock cpu, gpu and ram just to test or not. Really a matter of my laziness
  7. Howley

    3D Mark 11 - Now Timespy!

    My newer build, no overclocking. Ryzen 7 2700x RTX 2080 x470 motherboard 3 SSDs, M4 crucial for the OS, Samsung Evo 1TB x2 for gaming and recording [spoiler=Time Spy 10573] [/spoiler] [spoiler= Firestrike 19767] [/spoiler]
  8. Howley


    Wait internet Dad is playing Pirates?? ... hmm I might have to try it out then, he will give me internet money and it will be glorious
  9. Howley

    Battlefield V

    Just got this free with my new pc build.. I'll look at it when I have everything running and time off work. Also, be on discord, not TS!
  10. Howley


    EA - first 2 hours are €60, DLC coming soon!
  11. Howley

    Computer Cases.

    Stopped the video when he showed the front panel wrecking the air temperature.
  12. Howley

    Darkfall: New Dawn

    Difference is I guess that I didn't exploit anything. I played the game to.... I know it's crazy but play the game so I stay in aggro range etc. I was comparing it more to a lot of mmo's where it's mindless but with the twitch (fps) aiming, they zig zag etc and it's a bit more of a challenge against the big mobs.
  13. Howley

    Darkfall: New Dawn

    Because the pve is just short of Dark Souls and the risk of pvp is real I was leveling in a newb zone yesterday and all of a sudden I heard explosions all around me..... Just then I see 3 lads fly over a fucking mountain and bunny hopping like there's no tomorrow, the guy in the lead was clearly trying to live! Several arrows and spells later the lads were out of view and out of sound, it was like watching a mad high speed chase around town. I lol'd and got back to it the important stuff.
  14. Howley

    Darkfall: New Dawn

    I played DF one and two live servers. It was fun but very very grindy. Sure graphics aren't great but the physics and combat makes up for it.. decent mob AI too. A friend of steam gave me a heads up about New Dawn release.. I lol'd and looked into it after but they had/have major launch issues which led me to finding Darkfall Rise of Agon. Seems ok so far, way less grindy because they sped up progression by x10000000000000 but I'm not sure about the server population yet. Servers are established and stable for sure. Same subscription as above.
  15. Howley

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    I use Bluestacks at home. Like ILLA just mentioned, you can run several instances at a time too so, pocket healer.... Bluestacks is an android emulator and has been working well with L2R for me, even when doing normal quests or killing, not just afk grinding.