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  1. I am most excited to see the entire cooling system! That fucking thing would cool a Texas house in the summer.
  2. I used to get all my parts and ideas from Overclockers.co.uk.... fun times they were. Nice set up overall.
  3. Howley

    New World MMO

    I refunded it a week or two ago, never even watched the trailer. I'm happy just playing GW2 right now.
  4. He doesn't run games, he afk's so he is only powering his 3D screensaver.
  5. Howley

    New World MMO

    They did Sammer, but there's a bug they just cannot fix. The player just dies anyways,
  6. Howley

    New World MMO

    Good, delay it as long as needed. Sick of pipe dream MMOs that are shit either on release or 2 weeks after it.
  7. Try swapping the cables from your GPU into a new slot on the PSU, assuming it's a modular PSU
  8. Playstation One memory card lulz
  9. Just be careful you are not stringing along the arrival date of parts. Some parts come faulty, shit happens and you will want maximum time to be able to put it all together, test the build out and if needs be, return a component. Meanwhile, the time is ticking on the return date for all other parts sitting at home while you wait for your replacement component.
  10. Leaked footage from the future, Drakhorn playing games with his new case and super OC to run........ a 16bit emulator.
  11. Most likely birthday suit ready.
  12. He bought just the box off ebay... always read the description boys and girls!
  13. What temps are you getting under benchmark tests on the 3080 right now?
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