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  1. Howley

    Ashes of Creation

    Looks like it is trying to do TOO much. Can we stop getting vaporware and just get a good mmo?
  2. Howley

    New World MMO

    Glitter reminds me of clubs and slutty girls...... will there be slutty girls??
  3. Howley

    New World MMO

    Looks like they secretly bought the IP for Darkfall: Unholy Wars and just put better graphics on it and a few added sound effects. Calyn, thoughts on that? or did you skip DF:UW?
  4. Howley

    New World MMO

    If you find it, let me know... I left it beside my pot o' gold and got drunk, lost the feckin' things!
  5. Howley

    New World MMO

    Hmm cause I signed up on 2 emails and have seen no invite :S
  6. Howley

    New World MMO

    If you get a key invite, pm me on discord please
  7. If you use metal to secure it, watch out you don't short anything 🤯 edit: Also, good job!
  8. I settled on the Steelseries Arctis 7 - White. $149.99, sold out everywhere except.... Dell 🤣 Hope it ships fine because I don't expect much customer support from them.
  9. I'd prefer to have a single headset, I don't want a desktop mic to be honest. Currently, I am bookmarking, Sennhesier GSP 600, Arctis 7 2019, Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero.
  10. Cheers guys. I'd keep my budget around the $150 mark, forgot to throw that in. Cogril, your link brought me to a signup page but I'm just after gaming / spotify, nothing major. Clarity, comfort and durability is what I need. I love Sennheiser and the GSP 600 looks good, I'll check some reviews on it. Do you find it has good software with it? I switch between speakers and headset a lot and Realtek can be an asshole when it wants to be.
  11. /bump Any recommendations? My headset's days are numbered. I'll look into all ideas from wired to wireless etc etc. Cheers boys!
  12. Howley

    Albion Online

    I bet it was the constant 20v1 fights and losing gear that made you stop. Just gotta get over it!
  13. Howley

    Albion Online

    I am playing this a bit right now. Currently in a small, non-functioning, steamer's guild... so basically I solo YZ / BZ or go group YZ BD IG: Howls
  14. Howley

    Grim Dawn

    Their website right now...
  15. I write dates as "May 03 2019" here and people get annoyed, I clarify you're the only one's doing mm/dd and stop trying to be plebs
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