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  1. Howley

    Grim Dawn

    Their website right now...
  2. I write dates as "May 03 2019" here and people get annoyed, I clarify you're the only one's doing mm/dd and stop trying to be plebs
  3. Cog, how much did that jpg cost you?
  4. Howley

    Warhammer Online

    Except Gromk went school girl on it and picked Destro so... you'll have to solo us on your KotBS I'm afraid. But there are 4-5 of us anyways and all around lvl 15-20 so easy to catch up if you want to make a new account with us
  5. I will probably look at it but I will not be a constant player. I am generally on discord and it's on my phone too so feel free to pm me to see if I can play, I'm in the Ginnunga server to pm.
  6. Howley

    Twitch clips

    Best clips ever! Great thread
  7. Howley


    Isn't it pve only?
  8. Thane - See you out there!
  9. "COOL: High Performance Hot Pink Opaque Non-conductive Coolant" - But why?!
  10. Howley

    Final Fantasy XIV

    I went back and played it myself twice I think. Had fun, served its purpose and I've moved on again. Think I had 4-5 50's but only my White Mage had competitive end gear.
  11. Hmm to overclock cpu, gpu and ram just to test or not. Really a matter of my laziness
  12. My newer build, no overclocking. Ryzen 7 2700x RTX 2080 x470 motherboard 3 SSDs, M4 crucial for the OS, Samsung Evo 1TB x2 for gaming and recording [spoiler=Time Spy 10573] [/spoiler] [spoiler= Firestrike 19767] [/spoiler]
  13. Howley


    Wait internet Dad is playing Pirates?? ... hmm I might have to try it out then, he will give me internet money and it will be glorious
  14. Just got this free with my new pc build.. I'll look at it when I have everything running and time off work. Also, be on discord, not TS!
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