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  1. Depraved

    WoW: Classic

    15 years later and they have managed to completely replicate the queues also lol
  2. A bit pissed that someone already has Depraved
  3. Downloading it now, Never thought I'd be playing this again lol
  4. Undead rogue if I play Miss you guys
  5. Haha already there, well my cutter is anyway. Wanted to kill shit for a bit so in my corvette at the moment
  6. full mmo, with trading crafting etc
  7. They still have a long way to go with menu systems in port crafting etc, but actual game play as in ship to ship is really nice. still and Alpha and it shows but sailing/battles/pvp is smooth. Depraved on PvP ONE EU server "great Britan" faction PS not had long to play but I like it
  8. Started playing and although it's in Alpha, it's looking pretty sweet.
  9. slow paced Naval mmo, looks lovely, quite complex even though it's in beta. Going to be the largest sandbox mmo ever apparently. Worth looking at http://www.navalaction.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYkkcnIiuOQ
  10. good choice made by me then, considering Fallout 4 but heard thats buggy as hell
  11. And the quick thinking of that handsome devil Depraved for text'ing him.
  12. Depraved

    Fallout 4

    Why the hell didn't anyone tell me this years ago /cry
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