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  1. smash

    Bless Online

    I'm in. Are we gonna have a Guild presence?
  2. I'd say that Civ 6 is better than 5 + expansions in pretty much every way gameplay-wise and is a lot less buggy/broken at release, but I really dislike the switch to the cartoony artstyle, as well as the low effort on the Civ Leader Scenes (there used to be highly detailed backgrounds to them, now it's a letterbox static concept art).
  3. I wish the changes were coming sooner but god damn they are needed, good stuff.
  4. smash

    Shroud of the Avatar

    The game just went "full persistance" (no more wipes) despite still being in Alpha, is anyone playing this or intending to play it? It looks really messy, but I'm tempted to give it a punt given how different a proposition it is, £30 is a bit too expensive for a hail mary but it has been on sale for £15 on Steam before, so I'll probably just wait for that.
  5. There's no clever way to get into this, even via preorder right?
  6. As far as I'm aware: No and No, you need the correct key for the version install for it to ever work. You'll need to reformat with W10 Pro using the USB tool from the MS website.
  7. smash

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Lady dragged me away for 24hrs and I just started playing again, the starting areas are literally empty now!
  8. smash

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Servers open at 4pm CET ​today so be thurr!
  9. smash

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Patch notes for the launch version are here if anyone missed them: http://ftp.inn.eu/forum/l2/Amarantha/cl15/L2CEUpn.pdf
  10. smash

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Not sure of the nickname I'll use (I'll update here when I know) but I'll be playing an Elemental or Phantom Summoner regardless.
  11. smash

    Lineage 2 Classic

    No clue, if they stick to their word we should be able to start playing on Tuesday, but they've been conspicuously silent about the early access and still haven't confirmed the 15th as the official release date. Edit: Did some digging and it looks like it's being delayed again due to struggling to get it to work stably: Full post here with a bit more info about things: https://4gameforum.com/threads/537578/page-4#post-7985197 Patch notes for launch are apparently coming soon too. Oh and FYI; I'll be picking one of the Summoners (as long as this version of the game has the fixed chase-auto attack thing for summons, I think the summon party buffs are included too), not sure which yet but I want to be able to solo at my own pace without having to have a buffbot etc. Are you going Spellsinger again EG or what?
  12. smash

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Oh and I got a free 2 week trial key with it that @Cogency is going to use, right?
  13. smash

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Just bought the 3 month pack, looking forward to giving it a go. What classes are you guys all thinking about rolling?
  14. Thanks guys! See you all online in Lineage 2 Classic & TeamSpeak on the 15th to test out this new beast, can't wait!!!
  15. Got back up at 3am this morning to bite the bullet and order the new parts (they were doing a promotion where the first X orders would get £75 of peripherals and a free SSD upgrade and I couldn't sleep). Got an i5-6600K, GTX 970 and 16GB of DDR4-3000 system. All in all after Black Friday & employee discounts the whole thing (including an SSD, liquid cooler, case, PSU etc.) cost me £732 which I'm pretty happy about. It's overclockable (which I'll be doing), upgradable and I'll probably be emigrating in 6-8 months so it should hold its value well enough that I don't have to worry about shipping it, if for whatever reason I stay in the UK I'm on the new chipset and have a solid PSU so I can drop a better GPU/CPU/more RAM in in 2-3yrs if new releases start slowing down on it. Now the stuff needs to hurry the fuck up and get here so I can finally get my teeth into the Fallout 4 I bought over a week ago!
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