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  1. Usgar

    Borderlands 3

    Started playing this yesterday, first borderland title ive played so far. While Im really digging the overall style, i must say tht the gunplay feels a bit odd, cant really put my finger on it, even though enemies explode and get knocked back, it somehow lacks impact, might be the 2D-ish comiclike style.
  2. Usgar

    Warhammer Online

    Can easily re-roll something, any roles needed?
  3. Usgar

    Warhammer Online

    Got a KotBS on that server which i havent played since sometime 2017, no clue how the mechanics work, but he is close to max level, so might hop in and kill some stuff with you guys in the next few days.
  4. Usgar

    Warhammer Online

    In case someone forgot how this game looked, thats me doing some Tier 2/3 scenarios. Tune in for some "awesome" commentary from me with the facecam on! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8qNUmQd4K4
  5. Usgar

    Warhammer Online

    Just stumbled over this a few days ago again and started playing a bit there. Looks like a lot of stuff was added since the last posts here. In rvr pretty much everything except citadel and city fights are in, best gear atm is Annihilator stuff. Dungeons arent in, so lots of fun to have there. Right now (sunday 10.45pm) are 950 people online, so quite nice. Gameplay is obviously a bit clunky compared to the stuff we have played since 2009. But the general setting and lore really makes up for it. Playing some mustache-knight, no Wiz this time, wanted to play something different for a change.
  6. Usgar

    The Dwarves

    It actually became a thing! It finally got released a week ago and as always I managed to miss this one as well. Gonna buy tomorrow, as soon as some credit card issues are worked out. I dont really know how the gameplay is, but I havent played a dwarf for ages and Ive read all the books on which this game is based on multiple times... Gonna have a quick look at this and may even decide to make some youtube stuff with that.
  7. btw my bnet tag is Usgar...feel free to add me.
  8. Just bought it today and spent like 4 hours straight in it, about 30 mins with tutorial/training/team vs ai stuff and then few hours of fights with pugs. It's a really fast paced fps with a kinda steeper learning curve compared to other fps since there are 21 classes to chose. Some of the classes seem to be very situational and some are kinda mandatory for each team on almost every map or gamemode. Compared to all the current AAA fps games it has (imho) a decent price with its ~40€....and if its only for the new huge variety of classes in a shooter Can't agree. I really had a nice time running around with crucial but not "killer toons" such as Reinhardt, Lucio or Mercy and flip some random games.
  9. Usgar


    Ohh geez, i completely forgot how annoying it is top level up to 5 to get the "real" class. Btw playing as Usgary (cant believe that Usgar was actually taken on the first day of the relaunch) rolling a shaman in case someone wants to drop by.
  10. Usgar


    Will look into that for sure, dunno how much ill be able to play since im drowning in work...
  11. just stumbled across this one. Quite nice thing to sink some time in and somewhat addictive...also it has the dracolyte class with a flamethrower and bombs!
  12. Usgar

    Life is Feudal

    Completely missed this one. Is this still happening? And if so, which server are you guys on? Might check in for a bit and see whats happening.
  13. Usgar

    Warhammer Online

    Sounds like a cool game, think i gonna make this bright wizard thingie and call it Usgar Dieselpower. ...wait... Never mind, going to bed again i think.
  14. Just spent some time running with a pack of 8 tamed dilos, killing stuff left and right when i got dc'ed from the server, after i logged in my pack of rolling carnage was gone, but i still got tons of hides edit: what server are you playing on?
  15. Just bought this on steam, anyone here still playing this?
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