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  1. Macar wrote on Mon, 10 September 2012 20:17That has to be the worst trailer for a game I have eeever seen. What the hell? Who approved this?! I agree. The video itself is welldone... but the idea of the video is just horrible.
  2. raynolf

    Diablo 3

    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4309852066 and ofc my new hero http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4209933368
  3. I think I'll go with guardian since I played it in the beta and it's awesome...so far I tried guardian, thief and engi. Maybe I'll changed my mind if I try smth better but idk... guardian was really cool!
  4. Bought the standard edition! Now I just have to wait for the email with beta stuff and client link and I'll be ready
  5. As soon my new pc will be ready I'll buy it! Is there a limit to the prepurchase or it will be available until the release?
  6. raynolf


    I want to play with fellow ginnunga, but I'll try this 5euro pre order first. Anyways it will be with Tera or Guild Wars 2 when it's ready. However account maintenance will end today/tomorrow. For updates: https://twitter.com/#!/TeraEurope
  7. raynolf


    account manager is under maintenance. They didn't say when it will be up again.. I'll see tomorrow.
  8. raynolf


    ordered the pre-order thing! Now I need only 1 month for downloading the client!
  9. raynolf


    but it's a happy hatred! <3 with smiles! it's totally on myself also
  10. raynolf


    stupid casual players, I hate them...
  11. raynolf


    "If you have killed a lot of players, your global offensive/defensive stats will be decreased". Why devs in mmos are always so against the mass slaughter of players? I don't like it.
  12. raynolf


    Used Muuman's one here's mine https://www.playhawken.com/?ref=iyumigu5
  13. raynolf


    tokens for pvp, wtf?
  14. raynolf

    PvP MMO Concept

    -open world, no lame insances, no warfronts for pvp or any other shit. -no pvp level. Farming pvp points it's the dumbest thing ever. -sieges, open raids and the chance for a guild to have power and influence (drama and politics). All conquered through pvp. I think I just don't want anything else.
  15. raynolf


    bought Sequence and Cthulu saves the World. Both great games
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