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  1. Tonight's party is with these guys
  2. I see names of good players in there, like Mona, Homeless and Sanatio... wonder what you and Zyg are doing there, Steve!
  3. Dota 2 is now in an open beta. Like hon, but slower. And without ranking, so every retard leaves the game as soon as it starts going bad. Pretty pointless to play atm besides for checking out how it is.
  4. Raynolf and the guys grinding it!
  5. I will buy this later today or tomorrowz. Not that I have that much time to play, but me likes this concept! Also want to play with Howleypig again
  6. Darrier


    Are you done with reading up to chap 117 Janne?
  7. The two sons of Howland Reed are missing in the series. The guy and the girl themselves are quite cool characters, and the "legend" of the father which is never shown but seems to have a lot of knowledge about Ned Stark's past is a serious plot pivot in the books, imo. But yeah, Martin's getting older, so he might aswell leave it.
  8. Latest chapter are brilliant
  9. Darrier

    Diablo 3

    Calyn wrote on Sun, 22 April 2012 10:41 And regarding 6 skills: That's already more I ever used on my barb or sorc, and now the keybindings are even better than the stupid F1-Fx switching before, can just use 1-4. This is the point IMO. People criticizing how dumb the game is well... I don't think you remember very well how D2 was! I f you were expecting something different, then you might not have wanted to have high expectations for Diablo, because I for one totally support this
  10. Darrier

    Diablo 3

    I like it. I like the environment, I like the mindless clicking. I mean, it's what Diablo used to be, and how it should be imo. There's a lot of mobs, you right click through them: Diablo 2 was just like this. Can I say that the skill system is less than perfect? Sure it is, the closest thing to "perfect" I found so far is the skill tree of path of exile, with this absolute freedom. Does this hamper my Diablo experience? NOT AT ALL. PLOW PLOW PLOW PLOW PLOW PLOW
  11. Darrier

    Diablo 3

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