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  1. Brother Raker


    Got the closed beta invite and played for almost an hour... It is very meh.
  2. Brother Raker

    The Division 2

    Anthem = "Warframe by EA"
  3. That was more interesting to watch then I would have guessed. Thanks for the link!
  4. I don't think Meilink will ever get past character creation in this game.
  5. What I ment by private, is that you can type in an IP-address and connect to the server. Skip the whole BattleLog thingie if you want.
  6. DICE and EA has also been talking about e-sport a bit. If that is going to happen BF5 will have to support mods and private servers.
  7. Can't you do like in Elder Scrolls? Stuff a corpse full off loot and just walk/carry the corpse at normal walking pace?
  9. Sent a clan request. Not really that active. Usually check it once a day.
  10. Apply for Beta: http://www.titanfall.com/beta
  11. Naicha wrote on Wed, 25 July 2012 22:55John Smedley of SoE. Quote:Every single PS1 player who has ever subscribed to the game will have their Station Account activated at some point during the betabeginning with people who actively are subscribers. Again though we can only let in so many people during each phase so invitations are by necessity going to be staggered. So basically if you've ever subbed to the game you're going to be in. However current subs are in the front of the line for that. In addition we have Priority beta keys given out Maybe that's why I got in so early? Because I've got an active PS1 subscription? Hmm.. I got invite as well, but haven't had an active PS1 sub for many many years.
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