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  1. Our Nordrassil WoW section finally did challenge conqueror gold after several months of wipes and resets. We now looks badass in our new transmogrification gear and new awesome mount Good work Grim Hyper Vaniza Clintan and Zel
  2. TheJudge

    Diablo 3

    Could you send me a invite please tag is Thejudge#2801 cheers
  3. Our first run in Dragonsoul and our 1st 3 kills (Morchok, Warlord Zon'ozz & Yor'sahj the Unsleeping). Must admit I was fairly disappointed at the difficulty level for the final raid of Cataclysm. But well done everyone.
  4. Just Beth and Raggy left now, Great job everyone.
  5. Our 4th Heroic Boss in Firelands, Well done everyone.
  6. Great job everyone, our 3rd Heroic Firelands Kill
  7. Well done every one on our 2nd Heroic kill in Firelands
  8. The Major died tonight really good job everyone. Just Rangaros left to die now!!
  9. Alysrazor went down last night clearing the last of the minor bosses in Firelands. Really well done to everyone involved over the last couple of weeks.
  10. Team Nordrassil did their first Cataclysm raid last night and killed Magmaw our 1st boss of the expansion. Well done all!
  11. TheJudge

    Lich King 25 Down

    Nordrassil Kill Lich King on 25, Great Job Everyone
  12. TheJudge

    Lich King 10

    Nordrassil Kill Lich King on 10, Great Job Everyone View attachment: LK Kill 2.jpg
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