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  1. I'm playing but I'm not sure what to think of it. Feels like it has a lot of potential but will probably not be a great game until quite some time after launch.
  2. Karge

    Borderlands 3

    Can someone in the know tell me why we are boycotting the Epic store?
  3. Karge


    I haven't logged in in forever either but here's the latest quote on PvE
  4. So the BR mode Firestorm is launching on Monday the 25th and it would be nice to get one or two squads of Ginnungans online. Anyone planning on trying it out or is Division 2 and PoE all everyone got time for at the moment?
  5. That's a pretty funny DIY. Got me thinking about running a pipe to the desk to get rid of cooling fans an a watercooled system 😁
  6. 250 000 euro is at stake as Farming Simulator 2019 Championship launches
  7. Samsung updated it super-ultra wide 120Hz@1440p HDR 1000 nits brightness Freesync2 Samsung CRG9 49"
  8. And it's based on one of the best pen and paper RPGs of all time!
  9. Read somewhere that Firefox got some great privacy features that does a lot more than other browers to anonymize your data. Not sure how effective it is but can't hurt to try
  10. I you wanna play add me on Origin, nick in private games thread Have keys if anyone wants a 10 hr trial
  11. And those that have premier can invite up to 4 people for a 10 hour trial
  12. If anyone is on the fence about BF V it sure looks like it's worth getting Score on opencritic and metacritic is at 85 right now https://opencritic.com/game/6207/battlefield-v https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/battlefield-v
  13. Chooo chooo all aboard the hype train! Launches on Friday if you get premier
  14. Karge

    Star Citizen!

    They will release a roadmap in December showing all that remains to be done until release. From what I picked up all tech is in place now so I guess it's polishing stuff and maybe fleshing it out
  15. It looks better now but it's still not up to 2018 standards. There's a beta in beginning of October so we'll know soon enough. If the gameplay is really good it could still be worth getting it, but I have much higher hopes for Dying Light 2.
  16. I played the alpha and it was awesome already then. Cna only hope that they make it even better until launch, especially since they have postoned it a month
  17. Karge


    I made a new thread in the non public parts since we may not want to have everything we write in public.
  18. Karge


    If not done already I'll craft a couple of boxes to put all food stuff in tonight. If we kill an animal we will probably get more than 100 steaks so would be good to be able to stash them
  19. Karge


    Server IP-address for Euorpe #285 is If we choose another server you can find it on this page https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/scum?sort=score&q=europe%20285
  20. Karge


    I just did an hour solo to get a feel for the game, and man is there a lot to learn! But I definitely wanna play this game in group so hope to see some of you online tomorrow
  21. 70% off on Uplay to celebrate the 2 year anniversary. Both the game and all DLC is 70% off, 27 euro for both
  22. Pretty cool new loot heatmaps of both Erangel and Miramar. Zoom in to see individual buildings. Not every place is fully mapped yet but most is. http://pubgg.com/maps/ They have an app that you can download that acts as an overlay and tracks you on the heatmap in-game. But I would be careful to use it since they are bannig more and more third party apps now.
  23. I am so sad I didn't save the part when I was raging over Karges driving, I was being a bad friend, but Karge was also driving around in the blue for a full hour when it wasn't needed. playing a 4D-chess driving game I didnt understand and it won us that sweet chicken dinner! FTFY
  24. Seems like Tencent is cleaning up the PUBG scene in Chyna before launch. 120 people has been arrested for creating and/or distibubuting cheats. Will be interesting to see if this will result in a drop in cheaters or if devs in outher countries will pick up the trade Only have news link from a Swedish site though https://www.fz.se/nyhet/275524-kinesisk-polis-arresterar-120-battlegrounds-fuskmakare
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