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  1. Calyn

    New World MMO

    Beta in April 2020, pre-orders are up now. https://newworldfans.com/articles/new-world-steam-beta-date-announced Sign up for beta (unless you pre-order): https://www.newworld.com/en-us/beta-sign-up
  2. Calyn

    New World MMO

  3. Calyn

    Apex Legends

    More or less. Charge Rifle could be S imo, it's so good (hitscan, no projectile falloff, can actually use it in close range hipfire), only problem is how few shots you have before you need to reload. But it can literally melt people. G7 with double tap is also insanely good, I prefer it over Longbow right now.
  4. Calyn

    New World MMO

    Apparently this did not have a thread in the MMO section yet! https://newworld.com/ Ginnunga will play this when it comes out. Register for the beta! Shameless plug: https://newworldfans.com - my latest project, and everything there is to know about New World so far https://newworldfans.com/devtracker New World Discord (and Discord Bot) Eye candy:
  5. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    If you mean expansions, then no idea. But TBC and WotLK would be awesome at some point, past that not so much imo.
  6. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    Follows more or less the original releases with some changes: https://www.wowhead.com/guides/wow-classic-six-content-phases
  7. Calyn


    I check in every couple of months but it always feels super incomplete. New World felt much better in comparison.
  8. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    One that we haven't already all played for 10 hours a day 15 years ago would be a great start. 😜
  9. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    All those people coming out of the woodworks for this will hopefully also show up for a real new MMO again 😜
  10. Every time you talk about SLI it sounds really good and not a hassle at all. Also I noticed a severe lack of flashing lights and colors in your photograph. I believe the kids refer to it as RGB. Please amend.
  11. Calyn


    Highcloch was better!
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