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  1. Calyn

    New World MMO

    Apparently this did not have a thread in the MMO section yet! https://newworld.com/ Ginnunga will play this when it comes out. It's a full-loot PvP MMO with territory fights. Register for the beta! Shameless plug: https://newworldfans.com - my latest project Eye candy:
  2. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    If you mean expansions, then no idea. But TBC and WotLK would be awesome at some point, past that not so much imo.
  3. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    Follows more or less the original releases with some changes: https://www.wowhead.com/guides/wow-classic-six-content-phases
  4. Calyn


    I check in every couple of months but it always feels super incomplete. New World felt much better in comparison.
  5. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    One that we haven't already all played for 10 hours a day 15 years ago would be a great start. 😜
  6. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    All those people coming out of the woodworks for this will hopefully also show up for a real new MMO again 😜
  7. Every time you talk about SLI it sounds really good and not a hassle at all. Also I noticed a severe lack of flashing lights and colors in your photograph. I believe the kids refer to it as RGB. Please amend.
  8. Calyn


    Highcloch was better!
  9. Calyn


    If you're referring to Discord, I love it, but holy shit the number of times I have to switch the server location because voice suddenly starts lagging like crazy for everyone on the server.
  10. Calyn

    Albion Online

    I'm playing a bit, one of my characters is in a german guild doing random dungeons and ganking, another character I run solo. You can totally skip all the gathering if you feel it's boring. There are ways to speed it up (a lot), and it can be quite profitable, but you might just as well kill people and sell their stuff and make tons more money that way. Or run dungeons (NOT the expeditions in the town) and make a ton of fame/money from that. I only gather when I don't have time for anything else. For solo I usually just run into black zones and kill mobs for fame, or preferably I go into blue zone hellgates (not full loot). This character is a week old but with the right build and T4 gear I actually win most hellgates 1v1 and even 1v2, and you get a nice little chest at the end that even in blue zones can have some good stuff that sells for a lot. Sometimes I go into black zones 2v2 hellgates, but the opponents are tougher. If I had a partner, that would be the best way to make fame/money for me, it's super fun. I think the nice thing about this game is how many different levels of PvP there are. You have your low end stuff that's already quite fun and then a ton of variations in between depending on different zones, full loot or not, small group or larger, solo ganking, zerging, and then GvG at the top end. If you're lost, just poke me on discord and we'll do something.
  11. Calyn

    Albion Online

    I spent 2h mining to get to T5 for some reason and then just went to black zone and hell gates in T4 gear and am having a blast. Game is super crowded too, after release there was so much negativity I thought it would just die, instead it's doing better than ever o_O Going to play this until NW comes back from break
  12. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    I'm not going to play it I hope, I just wanted to give Chimp the middle finger cause he was mean in another topic too. 😜
  13. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

  14. Calyn

    Apex Legends

    Game still good but friends list empty
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