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  1. If you can't figure that out yourself then you're still too young to do it.
  2. These cards have me very excited but I can't justify throwing out my 2080 RTX especially cause I still get excellent performance in any game I play on Ultra even while streaming.
  3. Calyn

    New World MMO

    Yeah we have about a dozen people playing right now I think? It's pretty fun, had a few nice smaller PvP fights today, otherwise everyone is just busy leveling.
  4. Calyn


    Well, yeah, I tolerated those same issues for the that same game concept 20 years ago in Shadowbane. But those were different times and I've been spoiled by other games since then. Hell I can't even tolerate ESO's floaty combat and that is miles ahead of Crowfall at this point. Skills don't connect, characters are perma-floating, and my i7-8700K, 2080 RTX should not have sub 20 FPS in group fights.
  5. Calyn


    It is pretty awful. The concept is great, but the combat is just so bad, the animations make it even worse, and the performance is abysmal. Development is also just too slow, so I don't know how they'll ever get this into a viable state that caters to more than just a super niche type of PvPer who happens to tolerate unpolished combat/animations and abysmal performance.
  6. Calyn

    Ashes of Creation

    The escort section is on another website I worked on in the past which I won't link here. Gambling I have yet to try.
  7. Calyn

    Ashes of Creation

    Lyngs made me do it: http://ashesfans.com/ Ashes of Creation Dev Tracker
  8. Calyn

    Ashes of Creation

    Yeah it is, but a lot of it was already shown working or semi-working in the gameplay video. They just kept showing more stuff. I get a Star Citizen vibe but maybe the difference is they started out with this massive scope while SC kept adding stuff to the scope over time.
  9. Calyn

    Ashes of Creation

    Yeah it's like L2 + Archeage + BDO, at least the first 2 is what the CEO used to love and took a lot of ideas from
  10. Calyn

    Ashes of Creation

    There was footage of an Alpha event recently and a bunch of interviews with the creative director / CEO that really turned my impression of this game around. Check this one:
  11. Calyn

    Albion Online

    @Qwazin I'm still playing sometimes and now that New World is delayed I'll probably be playing it a bit more. I just started a new character last week doing an Ironman challenge though trying to be completely self-sufficient, but when the new content comes out I'll likely be on my previous main again.
  12. ESO had huge growth after the initial drop. Also has huge performance issues from what I'm told.
  13. Calyn

    New World MMO

    The old alpha was pretty much a polished Darkfall. The new version is not.
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