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  1. Calyn

    Albion Online

    I spent 2h mining to get to T5 for some reason and then just went to black zone and hell gates in T4 gear and am having a blast. Game is super crowded too, after release there was so much negativity I thought it would just die, instead it's doing better than ever o_O Going to play this until NW comes back from break
  2. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

    I'm not going to play it I hope, I just wanted to give Chimp the middle finger cause he was mean in another topic too. 😜
  3. Calyn

    WoW: Classic

  4. Calyn

    Apex Legends

    Game still good but friends list empty
  5. Calyn

    Warhammer Online

    I was asked to hype this so here is a half-assed link http://www.returnofreckoning.com/index.php and a very sexy video (skip to 11h30 or something)
  6. Calyn

    Apex Legends

    Guns ranked by sound
  7. Calyn

    We're on HTTPS now

    For theme related issues please point Dendil at Ern. I'm only responsible for server breakage.
  8. Calyn

    Twitch clips

  9. Calyn

    We're on HTTPS now

    Better late than never. If you have trouble logging in, let me know on Discord or ping someone on Teamspeak. Also if you spot a page that is "not fully secure" please let me know as well, there might be some images or CSS not updated. Thanks!
  10. Calyn

    Apex Legends

    @Meilink yes later this year. First I spend a few months in my hometown while I sort things out. Then Barcelona hopefully in 3-6 months.
  11. Calyn

    Apex Legends

    3 weeks till I move to Europe, if I figure out how to ship my PC I can finally play with you guys again. Already wondering what this game will be like with normal ping.. first battle royale I actually like
  12. Calyn

    Apex Legends

    Quite possibly the highlight of my gaming career, finally! Although I might have been carried a bit there...
  13. Calyn

    Forum Update incomming.

    Yeah the software changed login process and no longer allows those old username. It's retarded. Email should work for everyone though, if anyone can't get in poke me on Discord or find Cogency on TS I guess.
  14. Calyn

    Forum Update incomming.

    Emails should work now. To login use either display name or email, if it's giving you trouble try the password reset, if it still doesn't work ping me on discord.
  15. Calyn

    Forum Update incomming.

    So seems the login method changed and it's working for some people, not for all Adding to that, emails are not sending. Checking both.