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  1. It's the new TF2. Almost the same feeling. Waiting friends to get in so we can have a lot of fun
  2. I just watched the first season. Mostly liked all of them. Last one was "epic climax" since it made me remember my roots. It's about Magnus Nilsson and a bit of ostursund/jamtland. The documentary didn't really say Magnus leaned everything from David. That's quite a shame. Anyway, i miss you all!
  3. Yes checked on IMDB, they ain't from the same country. It's just I didn't reconize "swedish" at start
  4. Quick question : Does Tyrell Wellick speak scandinavian with his wife?
  5. Watched the 2 first Episodes last night, I liked it so far. Good acting and costumes.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peaky_Blinders_%28TV_series%29 Anyone have seen it?
  7. BF4 is now stable and empty . I will vote with my wallet and say NO to this. Electronic arts made some bad call with BF franchises. I will wait and see
  8. GartaGueul

    The Code

    6 Episodes. Watch it !
  9. I wasn't into MOBA at all. I did try HoN. Naaa. LoL..Naaa... DOta2... Nein nein The game was so slow at start, maps always the same. The time to learn all the inventory. I won't go into the gold but you also did well explain about the "community" And then, hop, I had HotS that poped on my UI. I gave a go and enjoyed pretty much everything : -Playing with Heroes I know. -Shared XP -No Item, just skills -Merc -Maps with dynamic events -Speed Voila
  10. The game is now "fixed" sadly, less ppl are online to play with. I still enjoy it. I do love the chainkilling in chainlink. It also should kick ass with friends
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