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  1. Sammerkand

    New World MMO

    Yes Calyn and Muuman.
  2. Sammerkand

    New World MMO

    its a polished what ?? And remember, you can't polish a turd, but you CAN roll it in glitter!
  3. i have a spare 980 gtx ti, gathering dust on a shelf.....
  4. I got these, they are spectacular! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B077RWKB3J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Just to back up Lyngs here, Sennheiser headphones are the best i have ever had and i wont move back. I would also suggest the in line amp as well, as the output from windows is stupidly low.
  6. I really enjoy the fact that i can get "buffs" of anti social mental conditions ....
  7. Sammerkand

    Albion Online

    SO, next week then ?
  8. Sammerkand

    New World MMO

    What Coggy said!!!!!
  9. Sammerkand

    New World MMO

    Wouldnt know. Not in Alpha. Bastards!
  10. Sammerkand

    New World MMO

    Still no invite .....
  11. I found it a tad over expressive myself, Ern.
  12. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    it is still a pretty fun game, and for 3 euros, you have NO excuses.
  13. i also thought thw whole season would be available, but to be honest no where said it would, but its odd that this is weekly when all other shows recently, such as good omens, have been released in one lump. Please accept my humblest apologies for the information that was incorrect. I do however disagree with your review, however i also understand that this was episode one and i am ever hopeful that it will live up to its potential.
  14. ok a tad dissapointed that there is only 1 episode per week. Oh Boy! What an episode though! This is not Discovery, this is the real thing and i am now salivating at the thought of more. So far we have a story set up, with a small but interesting twist, but the forward potential could be huge and i hope to god that it is not pooched or buggered up in any way. It seems to remain true to what i still feel is the "Real" Star Trek universe, not any of the poor alterate cousins, to the point that i couldnt get past episode 5 of discovery as it just felt wrong. This just feels right so far. There is a feel from critics and "Woke" people that this is a show that has severe leanings towards the political left and "Woke" beliefs (no, i have no fucking idea what woke is supposed to mean, its just more youngster jargon for being a self centered, hypocritical tosspot as far as i can work out) but if you take it for what it actually is, which is a continuation of the life story of Jean Luc Picard, then, yes this ticks all the damn boxes. Comments that it does not match the intensity and narrative pace of Star Trek TNG are spot on though, but then this would appear so far to have an pre planned overaching story rather than being a series of loosely linked stand alone episodes, although its hard to define how well that will work after only one episode. I for one, will be awaiting episode 2 with eager anticipation, but then i grew up when you waited for 1 episode every week, unlike my kids who were all like "is there only one episode in the season", "This is pants, why do i have to wait till next week ?" and i will enjoy it that much more BECAUSE i have to wait, it will give me a reason to come home every friday. I will edit and update this as the further episode are aired. I will not however post spoilers.
  15. After the clusterfuck that was Star Trek Discovery, i am looking forwards to this. Entire season available tomorrow on Prime, Going to Binge, Expect a full review Saturday / Sunday. Jerry Ryan gets alot of airtime as well as 7 of 9!!!
  16. i enjoyed this, and i am now finishing the witcher 3 GOTY edition. Surprising how much of what was in the tv show is in the games .... Nice.
  17. nice, mu I7700k still rocks today, i just cans seem to justify an upgrade to the chip, i can oinly get 4.8 stable though (. Still not worth upgrading to a 9900KS tho .....
  18. 3rd Series is hardcore porn ? and brothel reviews ? I will watch this when i break for Christmas The boy watched them all on day 1 and told me they were "Awesome"
  19. What did you spec it out as ?
  20. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/41458698?
  21. I am also enjoying this. WIth no spoliers .... It was frustrating until i realised that i could not complete each map on the 1st run through and i would need to come back when i had a wider set of skills. Once i got that, it became much more fun! and it feels like Star Wars! It looks stunning on the PC vs Xbox, Ray tracing makes a huge difference!
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