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  1. so basically, if you havew a 2080ti now the advice is to wait. Less than a 1080, upgrade no. If you are Cogency ........ Crying into beer is suggested
  2. or sell it on ebay for £5000 .....
  3. Bloody Hell, nice result No 1 Internet Son!
  4. I think its more the case that there is NOTHING i can run at 1440p on ultra at 60fps that i have found. For things like Division 2 i turn some of the heavy stuff off so i can get 144fps to match the monitor, Metro Exodus with RTX and DLSS still hits 60fps and Elite Dangerous in VR still runs like a dream. I am saving up for a whole new rig rather than piece by piece. the 7700k is still good, so is the motherboard, but its a few generations behind as is ... nope everything else is um no older than 2 years. I also think i will get the new 49 inch Samsung G9 1st ....
  5. i grew up and became an adult ??? Nope, i dont believe it either .....
  6. Already having a 2080ti, i have also now decided to wait until next year, to see how it pans out. I know, i also can't believe i am showing that much restraint ......
  7. Dont you dare think like that. YOU ARE NEVER TO OLD TO GAME!!! Even if it is only for a few hours a week, it still counts!
  8. cyberpower uk, i am a long time customer ...
  9. THe correct phgrase would be "Expressed Interest" on a PC component Site. This will notiy me when i can throw my money at Nvidia, BUT it does put me on the reserved waiting lists so i will get 1st Crack. Seeing as i bought my 2080ti in nove 18, i do feel i have had a reasonable moneys worth from it. It will be my sons Xmas present .......
  10. i pre ordered the 3080. my 2080ti is now worthless ......
  11. Sammerkand


    Sooo, right up your street then ???
  12. Sammerkand

    Ashes of Creation

    More importantly, DO THEY HAVE DWARVEN FEMALES WITH BEARDS ????????????????
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