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  1. Sammerkand


    new forums for New world are up, and there is a nice little chat bot with a reward https://forums.newworld.com/ i am the 92nd person to find the easter egg. Peace
  2. Sammerkand


    New world, bring it ON!
  3. Sammerkand

    WoW: Classic

    no because you are all sad AND there is a wow section already, so there, ner ner Although if they had made it VR capable, now that would have been worth playing.... Just saying
  4. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    Already got it )
  5. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    I have now, with the boy leveled the clan to level 30.
  6. Sammerkand

    Good Omens

    One of the best, if not the best, Book to mini series conversions i have ever watched. I was seriously impressed with the casting as well, David tennant rocked, as did Martin Sheen, but ALL of the casting was superb and worked well. The overall experience was very close to the books and whilst i was initially dubious, as i have read the book multiple times, and have never really been satisfied by book to screen conversions, i was pleasantly surprised, i also binge watched this on a work night, i found it THAT good! Went in to work like a zombie. The special effects are nothing special, but you know what? the fact that they are not over the top is a benefit, as they do not overpower the performances. If you have read the book watch the series, i think you will be rather surprised how good it has translated. If you have not read the book, then watch the series and then read, as it will add some deeper understanding of the motivations of some of the actions, but it is not really necessary.
  7. 980ti ???? even 2 of them, sigh. Ern, get serious, get a 2080ti, just sell one of the little ones to pay for it .....
  8. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/36841213? I am sure i can get better, but i am happy
  9. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/36840823?
  10. i think its some sort of card board thing where you keep old comics in.
  11. 15th November 2019. Stupid american date format or of course, due to global warming, we are getting 3 more months of summer each year ....... I will let you decide.
  12. Oh good, free play when I am in New York Bugger it
  13. Sammerkand

    WoW: Classic

    Just ..... No...
  14. Life / Parenthood
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