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  1. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    Alot of the bugs fixed, happy hamster
  2. Sammerkand


    15/11/19 for us in the UK
  3. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    Crafting bench not upgrading to word Tier 5 ?> What about not bloody upgrading at all ???!!!!!???!!!!***!!! Please insert multiple swear words of you choice / language
  4. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    i was speaking with him for an hour or so, in between trolling Cupe and Gromk. Seemed ok
  5. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    sooooo is the yearly pass worth it then?
  6. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    i made lvl 20. I am awesome. I also have next week off work )
  7. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    This game has the Sammerkand seal of Old man Approval.
  8. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    soon, well when we get to the point we can apply to a clan me and the boy will apply. sammerkand Bomblord321 Hopefully that will be tonight as we have completed the 1st mission
  9. Sammerkand

    We're on HTTPS now

  10. Sammerkand

    We're on HTTPS now

    Request, Can we please have a DARK theme. Or i will wake up Dendil and point him at you.
  11. Sammerkand


    i want an epic single player game, in the lines of the 1st 3 mass effect . I want to be invested in my characters where decisions make real changes, and i don't want to have to buy a lockbox, ever. I want to buy a game and have it complete and not bug ridden on launch. God of War on the PS4 comes to mind Or the original System Shock games, awesome story and atmosphere.
  12. Sammerkand

    Elgato Stream Deck

    They are very good. Work really well in Elite and Star Citizen
  13. Sammerkand

    3D Mark 11 - Now Timespy!

    Because you can!
  14. Sammerkand

    3D Mark 11 - Now Timespy!

    You would as well, you bastard! That was overkill even for me, i will just settle for one 2080 gtx ti for now.
  15. Sammerkand

    The Oroville

    Season 2 episode 6 . Best episode yet. Android on human love!!!! done spectacularly well.