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  1. i enjoyed this, and i am now finishing the witcher 3 GOTY edition. Surprising how much of what was in the tv show is in the games .... Nice.
  2. nice, mu I7700k still rocks today, i just cans seem to justify an upgrade to the chip, i can oinly get 4.8 stable though (. Still not worth upgrading to a 9900KS tho .....
  3. 3rd Series is hardcore porn ? and brothel reviews ? I will watch this when i break for Christmas The boy watched them all on day 1 and told me they were "Awesome"
  4. What did you spec it out as ?
  5. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/41458698?
  6. I am also enjoying this. WIth no spoliers .... It was frustrating until i realised that i could not complete each map on the 1st run through and i would need to come back when i had a wider set of skills. Once i got that, it became much more fun! and it feels like Star Wars! It looks stunning on the PC vs Xbox, Ray tracing makes a huge difference!
  7. The good thing is they can be taken off easily, and re attached, take less than a minute each. All i need now is the wireless Hotas ........ You know, they dont exist? ....
  8. i suggest a Secret Labs Titan (GoT edition) https://secretlabchairs.co.uk/collections/titan-series#titan_2020-lannister and 2 x monstertech https://www.monstertech.de/en/product/joystick-hotas-chair-mount/ I can attest to how immersive this is, especially if you mount them with an x56 and play ED in 2nd gen VR headset. So if you ahve a spare £1200 for the chair, mounts VR headset and Hotas, well worth it. On a side note, the chair on its own is the BEST i have ever had.
  9. Sammerkand


    new forums for New world are up, and there is a nice little chat bot with a reward https://forums.newworld.com/ i am the 92nd person to find the easter egg. Peace
  10. Sammerkand


    New world, bring it ON!
  11. Sammerkand

    WoW: Classic

    no because you are all sad AND there is a wow section already, so there, ner ner Although if they had made it VR capable, now that would have been worth playing.... Just saying
  12. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    Already got it )
  13. Sammerkand

    The Division 2

    I have now, with the boy leveled the clan to level 30.
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