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  1. Elundil


    Awesome Chimp. Bought the game and really liking it, good job
  2. Elundil


    You can only have 1 instance of EQ running on 1 pc. So boxing 3 you would need 3 pcs
  3. Elundil


    Me and Samion (old FR member), are having fun with our box team. Cant really raid all the big targets because of the MOTM buff, but we have been able to kill Phinny and some of the named in Hate. We are thinking about finding a guild to join for Luclin, but havnt settled for anything yet.
  4. Elundil


    Think you need Admibly or something like that. Kill some giants for the faction. I got a few Giant Warrior Helmets that can be used for faction aswell. Think i also got the gems covered. I should be online today, around 19ish.
  5. Elundil


    I got a few Thurg plate MQ for the cleric, if you are interrested Sinful. I am playing Peberkage, so send me a tell if you want it. Think i got bracer, arms, gloves, boots and legs.
  6. Elundil


    Think its Feb. 8th. I am playing Peberkage and Elundil.
  7. Elundil


    Awesome Gromk! Let me know when you start. Might have a few items for you
  8. Elundil


    Ha ha. I am thinking about going to OOT to camp the Robe of the Oracle. Think he is a 6 hour spawn. Just have to find the time and a movie on Netflix
  9. Elundil


    Having lots of fun on Agnarr aswell. Playing a Gnome AFK...I mean Gnome Wizard (and boxing a few others)
  10. Tumble wrote on Wed, 08 August 2012 16:27Hehe yeah awesome news, you still playing Elundil? Yeah still playing alittle bid. Running around with Brost. Only managed to shot him once and that wasnt even on purpose .
  11. Argee wrote on Wed, 08 August 2012 16:17So yesterday. Havnt seen a link or anything here, so thought it was new.
  12. Looks like Dayz is going standalone http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/63361-dayz-standal one-its-happening-guys/ Sounds pretty nice.
  13. Played that game more then i care to remember. But damn i am gonna buy it. Its just to awesome
  14. That one was awesome Tumble
  15. Damn this game is fun. Just been fooling around today, but mananged to find a 1911 and a few bandages and an empty water flask, so thought i was set. Then while running through a forest I see some other guy, and I can see he havnt seen me. So I sit down, zooming and thinks "I am just gonna sit here untill he leaves", then by reflex i hit the left mouse button, he stops and before I know whats going on I am on 300b and lying on the ground looking at the beutiful trees
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