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  1. Yes you're doing it wrong Simon.
  2. Looking forward to those changes! CP change is kinda dumb for bigger numbers??
  3. Can confirm plays fine solo. Nothings so much mandatory just highly depends on the team comp and what the other team is running. Plus some character stacking can get really goofy and stomp things too. Game is fun and can bring some wild swings in what you see.
  4. They're not titans. Those are Freeblades!
  5. Yay patch day is best day for new things!
  6. I'd imagine the goal is to shuffle people into challenge modes / DZ / Incursions rather than just solo play slaying.
  7. Been playing with zvoraks and things seem to play real smooth between oceans. Haven't had any problems. Net code seems pretty decent for once.
  8. Oh and Rebels always win walker assult now.
  9. Man some of those modes are so shit.
  10. Gromit

    Star Citizen!

    I wish they'd interviewed Mark and John so they can call back to the old WC days and compare it with now. Gary is a great actor and all, but I'm more interested to hear from some of the others rather than him.
  11. Gromit

    Star Citizen!

    Two of the old crew from WC are back wooo!
  12. Just played a game and the rebels smoked the empire. 2nd set of terminals they had both walkers down, was crazy. Party system can eat a dick though
  13. Well at least they're smart about a pre load else it would end up a horrible server melting mess on the day off.
  14. Bunch on twtich streaming it now for those that want to see some real game play.
  15. Gromit

    Blade n soul

    I'll be giving it a spin and see how it goes.
  16. Comes with no server browser and skill based match making woo!
  17. Gromit


    Rory is best girl!
  18. Gromit


    Was expecting her to be captured by a science team. God damn it god eater continues to be awful why UFOTABLE why!?!?
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