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  1. Fastas

    New World MMO

    Open Beta 9th-12th Sept. If you played it previously but didn't play the last Closed Beta I would encourage you to try it again. So much has changed you might be surprised to find you like it (or not). I can't help thinking some may have written it off as a game that it isn't anymore. Not saying it's perfect, but it seems a solid foundation for something pretty good/fun as long as they don't break it with the cash shop!
  2. Fastas

    Star Citizen!

    I have the Carrack, a Hammerhead, a Caterpillar and a few others we can pull out to play with anytime anyone wants to try things out. Very happy to share the love
  3. Fastas

    Star Citizen!

    Hey Chump, what's your cousins third wife's best friend that dates a game developer saying about Star Citizen these days? Below is a recent BBC Tech review that's worth a watch for the less cynical!
  4. Making nice progress, I'm liking the idea of this.
  5. Fastas

    Star Citizen!

    This vid might help if you have the time to watch. The next couple of patches (3.3/3.4) will make quite a difference, so Xmas time onwards for me to give real time to it. However if you've not had a look and you have a window to fill (understanding it is Alpha) then there are things to try. As for the plan? That's above my pay grade
  6. If it brings you joy, all good
  7. Absolutely this. They've improved the base cooler by the look of it, but I'd only buy FE or Reference cards to put on water really. I'd wait for some real reviews but also for a better cooled and OC'd card from your favorite brand.
  8. Fastas

    Star Citizen!

    It is, but to be fair it's about a year overdue ^^. It was relaesed to the Live ( Alpha) server right before Xmas. Still buggy and performance varies regardless of cpu/gpu, strong setup always helps of course. They are now patching in regular and small sizes once you update fully if you haven't done recently, so no more 30gb downloads once sorted. I think it's looking good and really promising. Long way to go, time will tell of course, but there is more to do now and they are doing quarterly updates from now.
  9. Fastas

    Star Citizen!

    It's a beauty for sure....
  10. Fastas

    Star Citizen!

    Last day of the "Sale" today. There are some discount packages available for new peeps or the full range of ships available if interested in something extra. Also, if you have a ship already but only have a limited insurance, you could probably melt it and re-buy it on this sale with 60 month insurance for no additional cost. just sayin..
  11. Fastas

    Star Citizen!

    I completely agree. Holding an event to raise funds for the development of a crowd funded game that's not close to release is total bullshit. ^^
  12. Fastas

    Star Citizen!

    Will have a couple more yet too I bet. I'll probably be dead too, nearly did once
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