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  1. Got my account back, but its still locked due to the fecking lag. Resubmitted my ticket to get it sorted out :<
  2. Need to get hold of my old account still, but i started the download already
  3. I started retrieving my old account back. Dunno still if i will buy the expansion but atleast im pondering it seriously. Me love you all long time, suki suki.
  4. Mohaiken

    WoW Stormreaver

    delete the topic, changed my post to ultigimps thread.
  5. Mohaiken

    Diablo 3

    There was a bundle sale on d3 + expansion on battle.net so I supported blizzard for 60€.
  6. Mohaiken

    Diablo 3

    Thinking of buying d3 and the expansion. Any hints where to get it the cheapest? Dont feel like paying 40 + 40 € from the bnet shop.
  7. I took a few months break from HS. I started playing again yesterday. I have won tons of games. More than i used to back in the day. Has the fact that you can play on tablet affected so much on the playerbase?
  8. My first crafted legendary was ragnaros just becouse it fits in more decks than ysera.
  9. I have been playing co-op with my little brother. I am assasin and he is gunzerker we are 44! I have also played a solo character, commando, lvl 43. 50 is getting closer and I started to think about the one "raid" boss they have... In not so many words: Can you play with console guys or just in Steam and if so, who is playing via Steam? Im Mohaiken on Steam.
  10. I watched the pilot a while back and as you said, it wasnt that great. Maybe I should give it another try and watch few more episodes.
  11. Thanks. Haven't even read the last few books yet so I was afraid that the game could spoil some. But I just purchased ORCS MUST DIE! from steam. ME SMASH SOME ORCS.
  12. hijacking the thread: Is the new game about game of thrones any good? Has anyone tried it?
  13. http://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/product/4705/ddqcg/Asus-N53SN -15-6-FHD-i7-2670QM-GT550M-6GB-500G-7HP64 is the closest im getting with a decent price. With the cheaper price the laptop is ofc a bit plasticcy
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