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  1. Heya people! Rhas, the spanish ice mage is still alive Been retired from serious playing for too long ( actually since I left Stormreaver... aaa those wonderful days wiping in Naxxramas with Damage screaming "Run! Everyone for his own!" an calling Ultimate 24/7 slacker ) due to rl issues, work... quite a lot of things actually. I've been here and there, some weeks on EVE, raised a BW on WAR, played Darkfall a bit, spent a few weeks on every F2P outta there .. but mostly on a very casual manner. Not that this is going to change in a near future tho :/ Thing is, I still follow Ginnunga's steps ( more or less, read the web a few times a month and so ) and I just saw you'll be kicking ass on Perento. My cleric will be there too ( yup, a healer, got bored of always being the magic dps class ); hope to have some fun togheter again. Big props to y'all! ( I still like manboobs and still hate the song Annabot or whatever name our wipe-punish-song had )
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