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  1. I got a copy with my geforce 1080 so I'll definitely try it!
  2. I read some more info about ultrawide... I'm sold! (In one month after my first real salary I'll also build a new rig with a similar monitor)
  3. I can get 20% discount on the ultrasharp 2913wm Is the 2715h worth it ignore the discount of the 2913wm? Is it worth to
  4. Ah I had that one in my shortlist, good to know that the almighty overlord recommends it!
  5. So I am browsing around for a good monitor for my little brother. Usually I'm ok doing that alone but I might need some help in deciding between a TN or IPS monitor. He loves to play videogames, but is not really into competitive gaming. So as far as my knowledge goes the TN monitors are the preferred monitors for fast response time. Since he favors MMO's, RPG's and anything in that range the better colors that IPS monitors provide it makes me favor that one. So my question is: TN or IPS, and also why? My budget is between 300-500 euro. I prefer to go for quality so if the advice is to go for a 500e IPS, then I will look into that.
  6. Pfffffff I did not like what they are doing to the show. I don´t mind them deviate from the original story, but the show itself is really losing its magic.
  7. This was his answer: There is indeed a small blue reflection on the arm and around the base as well. This is indeed visible irl. It is however regular royal blue light, not UV-light.
  8. So an IRL of mine that I visite every now and then, showed me his new project he started after finishing his masters last year and I actually think it has potential. To clarify this is not a sole purpose to advertise his project. I actually think its very cool and I also think that some of the gadget horny geeks in Ginnunga would actually appreciate stuff like this. He made a kickstarter funding for it so if anyone is interested in a really awesome lamp I present you the LUNALUXX! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1185320968/lunaluxx I played around with the prototype a little bit and he told me of the extra functions that they have implemented (he had the prototype at home but the advanced version of it at the lab) and I kinda got psyched. Trendy design with a levitating saucer on your work desk, how fucking cool is that! He even got 2 patent rights on the technique. If you are not interested in the kickstarter, just like his pages because he has a few cool new ideas he is working on with the same technique. And eventually the lunaluxx will go into production (but the backers will receive them first)
  9. I also added you again
  10. I kinda get like 10 or 15 friend requests every week because apparently my nickname is the same as some kind of star player in korea. So I kinda declined you targetmemore before I read this thread but I think I adde dyou again?
  11. Europe west Nick: Peanut
  12. Anyone still plays this regularly
  13. I just received my One Plus mobile... upgraded it from my galaxy S2 (4 years+ old I think?). After an hour playing with it, I must confest it is quite a big upgrade. I choose for this one because I read good reviews about it and a friend of mine gave me an invite. 64gig sandstone black version, works on android. Pro's: - ITS NEW, very stylish - It's insanely fast! - I'm pleased with the screen, bright, very sharp, uber pictures. Con's: - It's a little bit to big for my taste but I'll get used to it rather quickly
  14. Played 1 game.. No items? Weird quests? Wut?
  15. Paintman


    I'm still 1 1/2 years behind with one piece.. goddamned I need more time for games and tv shows!!! :@
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