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  1. Zvorak

    The Secret World

    Mhm, it's always too late with mmos. :/ It's quite amazing PVP is so neglected considering that it has to be the cheapest content to develop. It's repeatable, doesn't require lot of scripting, voice overs, enormous quest filled areas etc. What it needs is some conscious effort when designing the basics of the game. But noooooo.
  2. Zvorak

    The Secret World

    Meh I disagree with that. It's a bigger problem that there really wasn't much guidance for players to get a decent spec(since the decks sucked). Ultimately making their spec. potentially awful even if the number said 9000. Mostly it just missed playable PVP. TSW had potential but it was squandered, seems to be the trend with all MMOs sadly.
  3. Zvorak

    Borderlands 2

    Problem is to choose what to play!
  4. Zvorak


    Sigh Bruul, I don't listen to metal to get a ticket to heaven
  5. Zvorak

    Diablo 3

    sigge wrote on Mon, 12 December 2011 10:54I thought the whole experience was subpair to what blizzard has done in the past. Indeed, also surprised they suddenly went for the animated look that everyone else been doing since dragon age 1? Whatever though, as long as they deliver a good diablo experience :E
  6. 10 am cst is 5 pm cet though, so that school day should be over?
  7. republic - jedi, counselor, trooper, smuggler empire - sith, inquisitor, bounty hunter, agent It's all mirrors anyway.
  8. Just for fun I looked for this, I can find it online through www.ub.umu.se , but I cannot access it since I lack a login / my institution doesn't have access. It's available as pdf on Wiley online library ( http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/ ) if you can get access to it on your own. I could give it a go on campus.
  9. Shikabanehime - decent I guess, well see Kuroshitsuji - waiting on ep 2 to say, nothing amazing so far Yozakura - meh not sure I cba to keep watching Ga-Rei-Zero - I wonder when they are gonna stop killing off the whole cast Rosario_to_Vampire_Capu2 - oh noes, never again Tales_of_the_Abyss - blah zzz Casshern_SINS - sorta interesting, its different, there was a korean? real movie made from it as well, but it wasn't too amazing Linebarrels of Iron - main character is just too retarded, cant stand it. Some amazing mecha fights tho Kurozuka - This has so much potential, best so far Michiko_to_Hatchin - err, well see Chaos_head_1 - No no no
  10. Zvorak

    Soul Eater

    Prob. the best anime to watch atm. since bleach is just being shit. 5 hearts!
  11. Mom got one of those, it's decent, work, silent etc. and have some neat features. Cant really give any more feedback on it, because I've used it to browse web and print stuff, and it does that.
  12. Zvorak

    epic fail

    Cogency wrote on Wed, 09 July 2008 16:23That is indeed epic fail.... True hero would have had a blond, brunette and a Redhead. Or not have a GF already in that company?
  13. Zvorak

    [Game] Spore

    Rumor has it Duke Nukem ate the spore and started to create weird spores that hump each other on youtube, thats what Gromit said!
  14. Zvorak


    See if you can dig up 1400 skr, I really recommend getting one of these, http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.aspx?sku=349829 , it's seks!
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