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    That problem with discus occurrs when the schoal isn't big enough. If there are only say 4 Discus the pecking order might develop so that there's only of them constantly getting the dirt. However 6-8+ discus shouldn't cause a problem like that if they're all the same size. You really shouldn't "need" more than roughly 50 liters per fish.. Think you had alot of bad luck. Since they're a schoaling fish they shouldn't split up into pairs on different edges of the tank. Short answer: Key is to have more. The more the better.
  2. Naicha


    No IMDB link. Useless old man! EDIT: Trailer looks good!
  3. Naicha


    Btw Lyngs, the kit from aquaristic seems to work perfectly. No leaks, I disassembled it and put thread sealing tape in between parts though to be safe.
  4. Naicha


    Yea, I actually only have those "hardy" plants already, no need to make it more difficult. There are plants that are easy and beautiful. Anyways, electric bill, who cares, I've got like 4 computers running 24/7. Barely need a heater to keep it at 29 degrees. The tank is always 26-27 already without heater. disease and sterss yes, there is a breeder 40 km from here to has a very good repuation in all of sweden. He's got a garage behind his house specifically built for discus breeding, he's got the lot and helps you with anything. This is one of the reaons I'm consdering discus aswell, since I got a 15 min drive to one of the top discus freaks in sweden. EDIT: The problem is where to put a larger tank... :<
  5. Naicha


    Gromk wrote on Sat, 27 October 2012 00:26Growing up we had Discus... They are a pain in the ass to keep. If you already run a so called "high tech" tank with frequent water changes, at least once a week it's not that big of a difference to keep discus. : )
  6. Naicha


    Would like a discus tank like this: Because of the following reasons. 1. It's planted (obvious). 2. It's lightly planted which would keep maintenance easier. 3. The smaller variety of plants make it easy to "scape". IE. I won't fail making it end up looking crap. 4. I can't get a gazillion liter tank so a smaller one will be used (roughly 250-300). This leaves more swimming space for the discus. 5. Minimalistic designs can be beautiful. In a perfect world I'd like a heavily planted tank that looks terrific etc but imo it would require a bigger tank seeing as the plants would take up much "room" AND it's way harder to make such a tank look beautiful since I'm not, as I mentioned before, very good at scaping/designing tanks. With lots of roots etc it's harder to "steal" designs since roots are never the same. Oh well, first though I'll have to make sure I know my way around my current tank and gotten an understanding and being good enough to maintain the tank I've got perfectly. Example of heavily planted tank:
  7. Naicha


    Lol. Why is it angreh?
  8. Naicha


    CO2 up and running. Sprayed it with green water (lots of soap in it that I use to wash the bike), lots of it, and couldn't se any bubbles forming whatsoever. So I suppose it's not leaking. Tank Pressure just below 60. Working pressure 1 bar. bubbles like 1 per second. Using the ladder cause I accidentally broke the glass diffusor lolz. CO2 starts 1 hours before light and shuts down 1 hour before light end. EDIT: Now I'll just pray the flask doesnt empty for 6-12 months.
  9. Argee wrote on Mon, 22 October 2012 10:57 Naicha wrote on Sat, 20 October 2012 18:46 Calyn wrote on Sat, 20 October 2012 18:33Just rewatched a part of season 1 while farming, and it is soooo much funnier than recently. o_O Stupid pregnant Lilly and Marshal Tbh it turned shit even long before they got knocked up. Interesting. For some reason, I don't think Lily and Marshal are ruining anything, or that it's turned to shit at all. I wonder why? The simple explanation would be that you're wrong.
  10. Going ahead and buying: http://www.dustinhome.se/product/5010611227/asus-e45m1-i-del uxe-amd-fusion-e-450-mini-itx/ ASUS E45M1-I Deluxe, AMD Fusion platform, perfectly fine running high def video etc. With some RAM and a http://www.dustinhome.se/product/5010465373/morex-t3500-mini -itx-80w-black/ MOREX T3500 Mini ITX. Good enough as a little media player. Costs more than ATV3 but can't wait for them to crack the shit.
  11. Ernesto wrote on Sat, 20 October 2012 18:54I will have to ask the boys at work, but the atv2 works great and its lovelly under my bedroom tv! Yup, I have friends using it. But ATV3 isn't working yet.
  12. Didn't know it existed, have to google it.
  13. Calyn wrote on Sat, 20 October 2012 18:33Just rewatched a part of season 1 while farming, and it is soooo much funnier than recently. o_O Stupid pregnant Lilly and Marshal Tbh it turned shit even long before they got knocked up.
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