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  1. Unhallowed

    Lost Ark

    "When in doubt - get Ove to pay" as the old saying goes
  2. Unhallowed

    Lost Ark

    Server names are posted now on playlostark.com!
  3. Unhallowed


    Haha Coots, that vid got it totally right. I actually played Destiny for a couple of evenings before ArcheAge was released, been a bit busy between AA and work since.
  4. Unhallowed


    I've meddled some in EVE as well, got a corpless 70m SP pilot stranded out in 0.0 somewhere.
  5. Unhallowed


    Hey guys n girls! Long time no seen. Even though I do lurk in the Facebook group. How are you these days? Excited about ESO? Had many exciting adventures in EVE online? I feel lonely and lacking in e-love, share some. Cheers, Henrik, ye olde Östersundare
  6. Unhallowed

    The Secret World

    Me and the GF are now Templars on Daemon. Scary place.
  7. Anyone who has any insight in the pros/cons of the Digital Deluxe Edition vs Standard? Is it "get a bunch of extra gimmicks with no game impact" or is any of that stuff useful?
  8. I have yet to try any kind of beta, but was thinking Guardian. I've fallen for playing the soldier types as of late.
  9. I havent played EVE in a long time now, would be fun to give it a go again... I used to be in SoT out in Fountain, had some fun vs BoB/Goons together with PL (actually flew with goons once, horrible horrible experience).
  10. I thought I'd given up on WoW as well, and had for well over 4 years... But now I'm dragging kids through Firelands all of a sudden. >.< And yesh, gimme D3!
  11. So, my application was just officially denied. Only took 1.5 months , during which time you accepted several others, to get a definitive answer. Too bad, would've been fun to join my friends in WAR. But apparantly I like you guys more than you like me.
  12. Ah, yes. I re-read and noticed you wiped it clean...
  13. Generally when I have disc issues (work or home) I either try disconnecting it and inserting it in another port on the mobo (if SATA), or removing it and connecting it to the comp using an USB-adapter. If it isn't appearing in the disc manager at all it shouldn't be a drive-letter issue. I know I ran some stresstest software on a disc at work a few months ago, but can't remember the name... Hrm...
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