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  1. Emperor of Vers, Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard he rises the ranks rather quick
  2. when youre at the last ep. of S1, remember to watch the uncensored versio. totally worth it. Edit: Only took me 5 edits to get the typo's out of my sight.
  3. tokyo ghoul has gone to season 2. ace show. recommended to watch.
  4. im getting too much of death note vibes while watching this show. its still good though.
  5. slaine is at the stake of losing he remembers the past, princess and why he fights and probably something about his family the kataphrakt then evolves, gains new skills, slaine gets a power-up then timeloop happens but slaine doesnt remember it, so he sees princess getting shot again over and over again this happens until new anime is out
  7. dont forget when skilled enough the kataphrakt will evolve and gain super sayan powers and then slaine gains ability opposite to his current skill - he can travel in time and then we see same haruhime suzuki loop for 24 episodes, where he returns to the point salzebaam shoots princess and we have endless show of mechas
  8. slaine is like cccp, fighting in three (3) different warfronts now. this doesn't look promising. im justwaiting for that assistant to betray him
  9. what does the fox... err japanese say <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXTVbCDxn0Y
  10. ok time to get back on track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPo_d8VBl8k
  11. my heart has been pierced by an arrow i dont know how i can live on anymore i am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ohhh the way she suck that straw.... ooooohhhh
  13. i don't seem to like these humans that are somehow born to be tanks or warship -type of shows... worst of them was this girls who were airplanes. god i hated that one
  14. I'll update my list later today but i was so furious earlier today because these shows have wasted at least 15 minutes of my precious time! top 5 of most idiotic anime series of all time, my list: #1 - #2 - KanColle #3 - Soranowoto #4 - Girls und Panzer #5 - whats yours?
  15. music i was intrested in my days of youth.
  16. i had a crush on this finnish-japanese girl back in the day (guess my fixation towards the superior race of asia was already showing back then)
  17. *Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard
  18. sono ase wa uso wo tsukanai yo KIRAKIRA hikaru shinjitsu jounetsu wa uragiru koto nai yo honki nara yume wa kanau sono ase wa zenryoku no shizuku honki no kazu dake ochiru yarikitta ato wa kimochi ii kekka wa dou de arou to... i like how happy they are in this music video and i like their happysmiles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZLYZc5wruc
  19. this show is the best!!!! slaine's a bad bad boy !!!!!!!
  20. wowowowowow its like messi vs ronaldo !!!! GO SLAINE GO GO GO
  21. i realised most of SKE48/AKB48 comes from city called Aichi, in Japan. I need to visit that place
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