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  1. Demon hunter is a cool name... But yea... The games all "old" since the second expansion

    word "old" describes 90% of the users of this forum... :blush:


    not included the forever young drexa and kolapz who turned 18

  2. It's still pretty much from scratch as you won't have any of your achievements (harder to get into guilds w/o raid history), mounts, pets, bank full of mats, alts with professions, transmogs or - worst of all - gold. I never used to be a poor in WoW, now I am :(


    or - worst of all - gold. I never used to be a poor in WoW, now I am :(

    you're not poor, you have heart made of gold :wub:

  3. i accidently stumbled across charlotte (i watched it because the half-dutch co-worker i work with is named charlotte lol)


    i like charlotte A LOT! it feels so much like lelouch even his close-zooms remind me of the show. superb show. i should have watched gromits list earlier!

  4. Ulti, ZZ come play on Oceanic server with Lylar and me!

    do i need to purchase oceanic wow + all expansions or can i just make char in your serv. with some hack


    in any case i realised im lvl 90 still i need to level to 100 oops... before this expansions comes so i dont have to level 20+ levels uf though then again playing illidan sounds extremely calynish

  5. Anything worthwhile to watch?


    Rokka of six flowers seemed semi-intresting but i'm actually quite worried if i cant find anything must watch show... :()


    anything you're waiting for from the sumemr 2015 animes

  6. fridays the best!! food wars and danmachi! AMAGAD... i wasnt too surprised though from the initial voting, the closing eyes and having flashbacks of friends is a sure sign of death flag in anime. Glad though it was a tie, even if it was unofficial one!

  7. now im sad :( i caught up with dungeon way too fast =( damn its good show hate having to wait one week for episode


    edit: and to think i was going to skip this... the title was too misleading and i mistook it for something really boring und stupid

  8. Arslan Senki : anime adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa's (she is the one behind FullMetal Alchemist, so it must be good) latest manga, which is itself an adaptation from a japanese novel.

    Kekkai Sensen : anime adaptation of Yasuhiro Nightow's (Trigun, I know it's old but it was a good show) latest manga.

    hmm, ok i'm going to add these 2 on my list and check out baby steps first season

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