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  1. This is my slacker... a4 is kinda nono still soloing... http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bjerlk-2828/hero/888194
  2. Wasnt the best combo of stats. But still boosted my dps to 34k. And thats on a DH that just hit 60
  3. Managed to grab a 1300+ xbow...
  4. ANy Ginnunga order up and running or just join a random one?
  5. Hey I have been playing for 1 day and yeah allways
  6. LU180 is allways down. Playing on LU188 atm...
  7. Well kinda anyway... Forget to login usually hehe. Bjerlk is present there in low low level
  8. >Going free to play in the fall. Yay...
  9. Cogency wrote on Sat, 07 July 2012 10:29Looking good Naicha! Is that yours Bjerlk? Yes it was my tank back a few years ago. Sold it and are starting up a lil smaller as soon as I dare to drill a hole in the bottom hehe
  10. http://www.saltvattensguiden.se/forumet/attachment.php?attac hmentid=9471&d=1161622888 Old pic of the start of my 450 liters saltwater. That thread is about the tank. But somehow all my photos from when it was good looking is gone. Maybe it just was a dream...
  11. Naicha wrote on Wed, 27 June 2012 18:24Thank you! I hate shrimp though. I'm going to adopt a small aquarium soon though. 5 zebra fish and a pleco (thats pretty big now. probably 10 cm). So maybe I should just go pick that tank up, and put the pleco in, It should eat alot? I've been thinking of getting those octonilolouious. Can't spell it. small fish that eat algae. http://www.zoopet.com/fiskar/fisk.php?NR=329&SOK=1 This one, Couldnt find it in the local fish store though. :< http://www.zoopet.com/fiskar/fisk.php?NR=270&SOK=1
  12. I am now sitting and wondering when I will start making my 2nd saltwater tank. Last 500 liters crashed 2 times due to high temp one summer week and a rescue of a anomona from a friend in town whoms tank busted. Later resulting in death to entire tank. Even though I had my own anemones and so on. I just love the colours in a saltwater tank. And all the life in it even if you "just" have coral in it... What I need to do is to drill the hole in the bottom of the tank. Hase horrified me for soon 3 years. I guess I will try soon™
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