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  1. Archantos

    Lost Ark

    Today we go. So Thirain is full?
  2. Archantos

    WoW: Classic

    Hey guys! planning on joining the ride. Which server?
  3. Archantos


    Feels splendid too! Gore gore gore!
  4. Where is karma and where are the geckos? I think i have almost finished the main questline of the game and it has been decent story vice. However if i compare Fallout 4 with New Vegas, this is far behind. Far less content, less weapons ( i know there are mods, but meh).
  5. I just stumbled on a girl in sime cathedral. She went apeshit and turner into reindeer. Then i was dead.
  6. Yeah. It get even better later on and im not even far. Just got my 1st chalise and am obsessed to play.
  7. You really got that far with bare fists? omfg lol
  8. Yea, its horrible. Good thing is they sais it's going to be patched soonish.
  9. Got it yesterday. Strangely addictive game even though it gives VERY mixed feelings as you go on in the game. This was first "Demon's Souls" game for me and tbh i wasnt prepared to die to often It was fairly near that i ripped the controlled in pieces after dying maybe 100 times. Got past the first boss last night - which was a nice fight indeed. Maybe some chalice dungeons co-op later? PSN -> Temppeliapina
  10. Archantos

    Diablo 3

    New patch woop. As i play Raekor barbarian it's super easy now. Fun!
  11. Also finished the main quest line now. Timer is ticking around 80h at the moment. I still have loads of quests still to be done and 5 dragons to be slayed. It's a great game but the main quest felt bit confusing at times, so i strongly recommend to explore those zones. One OP thing i encountered was that when you get Knight enchanter, you can pretty much just faceroll everything.. You are nearly immortal with sick damage output. I've played the multiplayer few hours and its fun but hard! Multiplayer characters are completely out of the main game, so it's a fresh start.
  12. Im currently playing this naxxadin. Workspretty fine. Have had double thaddius on the table few times
  13. Doing everything in single zone will definately overlevel you. Theres many many giant zones coming for you ahead, so I suggest you stick with the main questline atleast when you get to Skyhold..
  14. Well luckily for them its digital purchase. Always 14d refund option.
  15. about 55 hours behind now. I believe next step will be the final mission.. Maybe have to hunt down the dragons before i step into the final mission... so far dragon count is 3/10.
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