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  1. Meilink

    The Division 2

    i voted no, but i will play it at the end 😋
  2. Meilink

    Origin Premiere... Worth it?

  3. Meilink

    Apex Legends

    are you comming to Spain at the end?
  4. Meilink


    Shit game with unplayable ping
  5. Meilink


    What a shame.
  6. Meilink

    Battlefield V

    I did it again. Rocket !!! 30 deads!
  7. Meilink

    Battlefield V

    Look how good!
  8. Meilink

    Battlefield V

    BTW @Ernesto! fix the Platoon logo thx
  9. Meilink

    For those interested in L2 Classic NCWest Server

    Ewww is not new there....
  10. Meilink

    Battlefield V

    i want this nao
  11. Meilink

    Conan Exiles

    Anyone is playing this so far?
  12. Meilink

    Battlefield V

  13. Meilink

    Darkfall: New Dawn

    super ugly game
  14. Meilink

    Ascent: Infinite Realm

    Hello lads, What about this new proyect Kakao Games and BlueHole? https://venturebeat.com/2017/11/09/blueholes-new-steampunk-mmo-has-a-western-publisher-in-kakao-games/ Official website: https://www.airthegame.com/teaser
  15. Meilink

    Path of Exile

    I start playing it but get bored quickly