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  1. Meilink

    WoW: Classic

    hahahahah IM POSITIVE. but the WoW is not good enought to fullfil my satisfaction. and i tried Retail since i cant play that stupid beta. Maybe is time for Blizzard to develop a new MMORPG? They are doing mobile stuff.... tbh i dislike play on mobiles.... too small... finger over the screen covering it.... no good. And they just copied LIneage II Revolution for his Diablo Immortal.... what a dissapoint.
  2. Meilink

    WoW: Classic

    i paid the subcription, play for 10 minutes... then cancel the subcription.
  3. Meilink

    Conqueror's Blade

    gonna try it
  4. Meilink

    Albion Online

    how is going the game? I remember eternal play of minning .............
  5. Meilink

    The Division 2

    When we do some raid?
  6. Meilink

    WoW: Classic

    another old game... no thx.
  7. Meilink

    Warhammer Online

    i got bored the game... too old.
  8. Meilink

    Warhammer Online

    What faction are you all?
  9. Meilink

    Apex Legends

  10. Meilink


  11. Meilink

    Sound Cards

    well I want buy a good one too. but atm i have multiple ones Jabra Evolve 65 (USB) Jabra 370 (USB) Razer Blackshark 2.0 (jack)
  12. Meilink

    Sound Cards

    Well, I wanted a real good sound experience when play games because sometimes I hear so many sounds at same time and is annoying cuz all is overlap somehow... dunno how to expain it
  13. Meilink

    Sound Cards

    Basically im thinking about good quality voice and game sound for streaming and recording stuff. and my onboard card is not for that
  14. Meilink

    Sound Cards

    I want to buy a Sound Card. I been looking this one. Sound Blaster ZxR What you think about? I bought this Mic that can be connected with this one using 6.5 Jack. (from the Phamton power supply)
  15. Meilink

    The Division 2

    Im enjoy it a lot