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  1. I too really liked the show, although Karl Urban trying to do an English accent is just all kinds of awful but I'm guessing it's only torture if you really know what it's meant to sound like.
  2. I kinda gave up on this show when every episode seemed to be a main character crying about wanting to quit (to which I always kept thinking they should just fucking quit then), did that ever stop?
  3. That's why most people liked May the most. I grew up listening to Evans too (some breakfast show he eventually got turfed out of) but I can't stand the little troll anymore, he's a big reason not to watch the new show whereas I'm actually pretty happy with the rest of the cast even if I think it's a bit daft they're trying to keep Top Gear without the cast that made it (surely same reason every international version has flopped?). Still impressed they picked up Lebonk though, shows surprisingly good judgement for the beeb.
  4. Well they never learned when they tried to export the show to other countries, why should they learn now? I'm kinda pleased, while Clarkson deserved to get fired they should have let the show die with him.
  5. I enjoyed it but I'm struggling to see why people want to go back and watch it repeatedly, it's only truly great if you compare it to episodes 1-3 (but then so is everything!).
  6. Risky click of the day but that's just how I roll.
  7. So an Acer X34 sounds pretty good...
  8. So what's the best 27" + monitor going at the moment? Don't really care if it's ultra wide or not. I'm using a 27" 1440 IPS but it's one of those Taiwan reject models I picked up years ago cheap and I'm tired of its issues as minor as they are.
  9. It looks... not complete shit. I just don't want to be hurt again...
  10. I didn't find out about this show until they started showing the second season on Fox but it's probably my favourite thing to watch currently. Do you remember when the Simpsons and Family guy were funny? It's kinda like that! Speaking of the Simpsons they actually did one of the couch gags:
  11. Why would the Surface Book be a problem in your lap? All the base contains is batteries and ports, the most expensive models with have the dGPU but I'd assume you wouldn't be using that in your lap.
  12. Fuck HP, fuck Dell, fuck Lenovo, fuck them all. They've had years to put out compelling products but I think they've failed for the most part. I'm still pissed off at Microsoft for abandoning Surface RT and their app support is still useless but at least the hardware looks convincing.
  13. Looking at the device as a whole I would agree, looking at both as tablets only and I'm leaning towards the Pro 4 as for example, the Surface book doesn't have a kick stand and only something like 3 hours battery life when not attached to the keyboard.
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