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  1. Shadowmourne completed! \o/ And a DK emoragequit when he didnt win the roll for the 3rd Shadowmourne (even cried abit on vent). So much QQ.
  2. Raid is over for today! 8 shards in my pocket (45 in total) And a brand new Heroic Tiny abom <.<
  3. Well... You arent the Emotree you once was... But im guessing you are the Emochikin now? Pro anyway!
  4. You so pro Ulti <3 Thanks Archantos :3
  5. Oh yes... LK 10 Heroic down 5 mins ago :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (And i just dinged 10k Achievement points)
  6. I finally got my BiS trinket from Twins... after god knows how many weeks of farming. Only need Bracers, boots, heroic tiny abom and 2 277 tokens. (And shadowmourne ofc) For full BiS gear.
  7. Nah 4 hours Togc takes like 45 mins to clear. Ulduar was cleared with only Vezax, Yogg, razor and ignis left (Extended raid ID ftw)
  8. O'rly Cant remember Anywho... had a pro icc25 man heroic today. Not enough of anything so we cleared Togc 25 heroic. A few ppl got their instanity achievement. I got my trinket from twins... then we cleared the rest of Ulduar and yogg 0. Got another mount. Then we got bored... and did iron dorf achi on razorscale
  9. Hehe yea but that was after how many nef kills? over 9000?
  10. QQQ Only 6 shards from 11 bosses in 25 man tonight :<
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