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  1. Miro maybe. Haven't used it, I just like pretty things.
  2. Ernesto wrote on Mon, 29 June 2009 10:03Joooooocke jag saaaaknar diiig!
  3. I love this movie, as I do all Wes Anderson movies.
  4. Going through Twin Peaks, for the third time, just to get freaked out by Bob.
  5. Requiem for a Dream. One of the better movies I've seen. If you enjoy melancholy, you might enjoy Donnie Darko as well.
  6. Okay

    UML tool

    I used the UML module for NetBeans a long time ago. It sucked then, but might be better now.
  7. I love you. And your baby. And also Damon in the gayest possible way. /Aspy von Gnome
  8. Okay


    THC wrote on Tue, 22 July 2008 12:13 www.vuze.com Should have never abandoned it Worst memory hog ever. Evar!!1
  9. Nicknames are infectious! But you can call me Jocke Pocke, Tjocke Jocke, Jocke Smocke, CP-Jocke, or whatever you want, that way you don't have to come down and I don't have to die. Everybody wins. :>
  10. Jimbob, here's a helpful site so you don't order something at the end of its product cycle. Link
  11. I like it. Robert Redford is one of my favorite actors and Will Smith does one of his better performances.
  12. At this point my experience with Macs is rather vast, having both an iMac and a MacBook Pro, but I've never used a Mac Mini so I can't really give any suggestions based on first hand information. But I do know that by buying a Mac Mini you pretty much restrict yourself to not playing any new games (and many old ones for that matter), but who buys a Mac to play games anyway? If you want a solid computer that will last you a while get an iMac. Oh and never buy additional memory directly from Apple, it costs a fortune.
  13. Okay

    Silly sweedes

    We're good at telling people what not to do, not why they shouldn't do it. I just came back from Barcelona, it's so relaxed compared to here.
  14. Okay

    [Movie] Wall-E

    It hasn't had time to generate many votes yet though so might just be release hype. I too loved the trailer.
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