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    Just bought it - will have time to play later - or tomorrow
  2. [22:33:12] <[G]Martok> i didnt realize you anti MS now? [22:33:23] <Tlith> I have always been anti MS Martok [22:33:23] <[G]Martok> lol [22:33:24] <Takyn> Tlith has been anti MS for some time Martok [22:33:24] <[G]Martok> awesome [22:33:39] <Takyn> I am also anti MS Martok do you like me? [22:33:40] <[G]Martok> No
  3. Ernesto wrote on Wed, 13 October 2010 23:41I have realized that fanbois are fucking scary, no matter if it's about a game, a space church, neo-nazis or anime watchers. YES! Fanbois are horrible, we should start some kind of group to find them and kill them!!!
  4. And why is the picture now a picture of the url?
  5. Stupid forum software cropping my picture!
  6. As a developer, I would think you would like an ssd disk If Linus likes it, it MUST be good!
  7. One more thing to consider if it's a publicly facing site is that if you implement it in silverlight, it will not be indexable by search engines.
  8. Wowbagger

    Weird exe

    Salatrel wrote on Mon, 09 August 2010 21:45i should probably edit that post before ernesto comes ranting about how unsafe my pc is and that i should change my 3 digit password I haven't used a virus scanner since at least when I had Windows 98 - if you're not an idiot and don't download all kinds of crazy stuff risk is pretty much zero...
  9. Argee wrote on Fri, 06 August 2010 18:34If you hate NFL, you hate life itself.Fact. This!
  10. Makrill wrote on Mon, 19 July 2010 00:38Anyone have decks in
  11. As long as you can't do real ad blocking in chrome it's a complete no-go in my world!
  12. Whatever you do, get an Intel SSD... trust me!
  13. Cogency wrote on Mon, 01 February 2010 22:05Wonder if they can hack it and install Win7. It's an ARM cpu, so no.
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