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  1. Ove

    Blood Bowl 2

    Blood Bowl 2!!! Not 1... QQ Come play blood bowl 2!!
  2. Ove

    Torchlight 3

    YES!! Spent a life time in 1 and 2 QQ
  3. The show is realy good! Can see it on Netflix
  4. Kinda the same game, realy good also
  5. Ove

    WoW: Classic

    Only? Been in queue sins 4... 1k people left started at 24k
  6. Ove

    WoW: Classic

    Shazzrah or something like that
  7. Ove

    WoW: Classic

    I`m gona play, gona quit my job and GF so i can relive my glory Gromkdays
  8. Ove

    WoW: Classic

    Im gona play it some, just so i can whine about how bad the pvp is compared to DAOC just like i used to do.
  9. Ove

    Warhammer Online

    4 kids, new house, 2 new cars... my GF thaught that getting a new gaming computer was not the most important thing in the world but now she is tierd if me so now i can game again and leave her alone for a while! Win win
  10. Ove

    Warhammer Online

    Im playing this again, not playing that many hours a week tho.
  11. Ove

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    Having a hard time picking my class... Slayer or Swordsinger
  12. Ove

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    I am playing this on me phone
  13. So many hours and moneyz in this game, still loved all of it
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