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  1. What servers are we going to play on?
  2. Pyen

    WoW: Classic

    I started up my old elysium account 😎
  3. Add me in Fortnite if ya need more players! jonas@freeplay.se i like the different gamemodes 5x20ppl was fun and the 50v50 is fun, make a 4 group and invide oponent side etc.. 8)
  4. Pyen


    Stole this from Raker! /Py
  5. Pyen


    Am still playing some, but mostly doing the daily quests. A tip to get better in FOrtnite game is to look how you buyld fast walls and stairs... get that speed up and you will be fine 8) add: jonas@freeplay.se But am mostly playing EQ evenings
  6. Pyen


    Send me a mess later on or join us in ts. The only problem i can se is that we need all to join.. we cannot leave one behind.
  7. Pyen


    We will do that to when we hit 60, we are like 30 to 34 now and not rushing it!
  8. Pyen


    Not time enough? I have a blast running around looking and remembering stuffs.. ogre but scratch. Guk evacs and trains 8) And only the community, standing there with lockjaw and ppl come help and buffs me.. love it
  9. Pyen


    Gromk: /alcohol tolenace 0!
  10. Pyen


    Am now trying to recover all my old acocunts. Only found Pyen, dagaters account is online but no chars on at all so dunno if they delited em all. Nelas i have no clue and need to recover her old email, will prolly try that tonight. Wizul might join me tonight with the recovery of old accounts... On agnar i started a Bard Pyenn 8/ /Py
  11. Pyen


    So you can box several accounts on same pc? I had 3 way back 8)
  12. Pyen


    But will there be enough to raid? Still dont know if its so good idea to take away the good memory and replay the game..
  13. Pyen


    What servers etc are you playing on?
  14. Pyen


    I'm 180 and you have tons of stuff to fibble with, there is a pump that fills lower section. It takes time to adjust (I took help from the company who sold it to adjust after my size) I had a long talk to my gf (Anna) about getting this expensive thing, the time you spent in it makes up for the comfort and no more backproblems... atleast for me! But again try fins a reseller near you to realy try one first.. and make the staff adjust it for you 8) /Py
  15. Pyen


    I have a KAB Director one! Had it on my work and had to get one to my home... Best seating ever its like a nice car chair.. try one at a store. Ususly find em in expensive office dealers. https://www.officechairsuk.co.uk/kab-director-chairs-9144/ /Py
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