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    Boardwalk Empire

    Why do they kill off all characters that give this (or gave) series its zing. Last few episodes has been a peril to finish. Half the time is spent on the turd wife and her hospital endevours, nobody cares if you can improve prenatal care or not. A big chunk is also spent on Nucky (which is and has always been the most boring character on the show) having meetings with his gangster associates where he cries like a baby. In every scene he wrinkles his brow and say nothing of substance. The only upside to this show (because all characters who gave the script some dynamic is dead) is half-face. But he mostly spends his days drinking coffee. Even mr FBI who killed his own partner just because he felt like it has become an iron-salesman. He dont even shove it in their face and take their money, he just knocks on doors and looks disapointed.
  2. Seyth


    Toggle SpoilerWe all knew she was gonna find out...But why has Dexter gone from a calculative coldhearted killer to a brute who just rample over shit and kills wherever...And I dont know why they killed off Common (The priest) He added a layer of inner turmoil and abit of depth. And this incestual bullshit is just dabbajuu Teee Eff I do enjoy the batista/quinn scenes. Maybe a good spinoff?
  3. Valmont wrote on Sun, 11 December 2011 21:32Morning sky from my balcony =) Wow
  4. Seyth


    Every minute of every scene is useless, hero fails, badguy fails, plot fails, mono/dialogue fails, action scenes fail, fighting choreography fails...and no boobs This will actually suck entertainment out of you
  5. Taking a photo of someone getting peppersprayed seems to get you on the toplist the kiss and duststorm is awesome too...
  6. Some of those are just random pics....the dog, volcano and soldier highfive is pretty god damn awesome though... The Amy Winehouse pic is just an insult to all other pictures
  7. What a horrible mixture of incoherent shit and dicks trying to look evil
  8. While waiting for next season
  9. Toggle SpoilerSkull looked metalic....was Gustavo a T800? ??
  10. Seyth

    [TV-Series] Entourage

    Really one of the worst season finales ever
  11. Seyth

    Jersey Shore

    "Lets do it, lets do it!" Stretcher time... Dont mess with Ronny
  12. Seyth

    [TV-Series] Entourage

    And the people rejoiced
  13. Something bothers me, all the nerds who actually are visually inferior male specimen have hot girlsfriends. I find this paradoxal since this very show has a focus on the human ability to take logic to a cultural extreme. In the real world the "uglies" (Howard and Leonard) would not have the esthetics to please a female of Priyas, Pennys or Bernadettes caliber. Hence if you would restrain yourself to only two conclusions on either side of the spectrum this would fall under illogical. That Leonard has had relations with not only one but 3 good looking girls I find highly inprobable. Sheldon is actually the only one that could aquire, what you would call a highend girl in reference to her looks. On a sidenote the show is drifting from the nerdtheme to become another relationship crapfest in line of Friends etc.
  14. Seyth

    [TV-series] Weeds

    Toggle SpoilerWhats up with all the nades
  15. Seyth

    [TV-Series] Louie

    I give up, this just isnt funny
  16. NM'e? wrote on Wed, 22 October 2008 01:33Has some good script, too bad the comical timing of some of the actors suck. Sure beats that 70's show though Pompus asshole, this show is awesome Gromk - Urundir wrote on Tue, 16 December 2008 11:39Aye, S2 E11 was so hillarious! O em GEE, oh yes
  17. NM'e? wrote on Tue, 14 June 2011 22:48you stoopid? the Khaleesi rules the show YEAH BOI!!
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