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  1. Gromk

    Apex Legends

    Last patch they added "clubs" ingame, I made a Ginnugna one and did a mass invite. I don't know how long those last, but poke me or Deathstorm ingame for invite.
  2. Gromk

    Apex Legends

    https://clips.twitch.tv/BumblingLazySageVoHiYo Embeds seems not to be working, but whatever, it was funny!
  3. Gromk

    Borderlands 3

    Steam release today. 50% off in the Steam store untill March 20th.
  4. Gromk

    Borderlands 3

    Zpellcaster put me on to that story, it's pretty weirdly handled.. But at least they never said they wouldn't support China and then all of a sudden did support China. So that's different... Ehm... Haha
  5. Gromk

    Borderlands 3

    Accoarding to the same people interviewed in that article, like Randy, there was ofcourse NOT be any exlusive on PC deals for Borderlands 3 either.
  6. Gromk

    Good Omens

    Yeah this one was faaaantastic! ❤️
  7. I had no idea Karl Urbans dialect was torture, so you are correct DS! Dolphins are the best.
  8. Gromk

    Borderlands 3

    The boycott is less baout Epic and more about 2k or whoever is publishing sending PIs to youtubers homes and shit. I'm not gonna get the epic launcher, I already get anoyed by the numerous launchers already on my computer, I don't need one more. I think capitalism in the sense of free market and competition is awesome, but these exclusive on PC deals just have a sour taste, to me. Main reason above any reason thouhg: I have more friends who will play on Steam than on Epic, so.
  9. Gromk

    WoW: Classic

    Also, it's at the very minimum 100h/played for the average person to reach 60, so there's plenty of time.
  10. Gromk

    WoW: Classic

    Like mentioned elsewhere: TeamViewer, Remotr, Google remote, whatever, start the queue at lunch and be ready when you get home.
  11. Gromk


    I played this with Kalle and Toste a bit on stream. Hilarious when Toste is running around playing MIDI files on the Lute
  12. Gromk

    Borderlands 3

    Still haven’t purchased and I’m happy I didn’t. I assume no one is joining the boycott (that never works anyways), but I know I’m not alone waiting for Steam, right?
  13. Gromk

    Borderlands 2

    I was, but they really are making it hard for me to be excited. Heh
  14. Gromk

    Borderlands 2

    We got 1 spot Borderlands 2 runthroughs if anyone wants, like now. ❤️
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