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  1. Hey guys Long time no see.
  2. Gwarg


    I don't get any cyber? *sob*
  3. Sigurd with a brittish flag? Are you turning into a teadrinker!?
  4. We had a guy here at the development department at my job who used trackballs. He quit a few months ago though.
  5. So, after alot of lagging and other problems we managed to get a raid going this Sunday the 19th. So we talked it over and decided to try BT and well. We went through it like a hot knife through butter. Two new first kills and more to come shortly!
  6. Gwarg

    Azgalor for everyone!

    Down he went on our first try. Great work everyone, wonderful evening and wtg Ginnunga! View attachment: Azgalor_20080917.jpg
  7. Gwarg

    Teron eats dirt!

    After lots of summer slacking we are back in action. Teron Gorefiend eats dirt after lots of ghost practice View attachment: Teron_20080819.png View attachment: Teron_20080819.jpg
  8. Congratulations! *big hugs*
  9. Gwarg


    Well they claim to have 1200 people in the guild and 4 full time emplyees. To be able to pay those 4 they would probably need everyone to pay an average of $20 or so.
  10. Gwarg

    Supremus down

    We came, we saw, we conquered! View attachment: Supremus_20080520.png
  11. Gwarg


    Great work everyone! View attachment: Najentus_20080518.png
  12. Gwarg

    Nordrassil downs Al

    Sorry for abit late update but last Sunday we downed Al'ar. Good work everyone! View attachment: Al'ar_20080504.png
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