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  1. Qwazin

    Albion Online

    My wife and me just started playing this, but it looks like we are a year too late to play with the cool kids
  2. Qwazin

    Lineage 2 Classic

    I will be a Blade Dancer, and my wife is going to be a Sword Singer Not sure where we will end up, depends on how many people from our old clan AmberEye ends up coming.
  3. Qwazin

    Lineage 2 Classic

    I signed up as well
  4. Me and some old AmberEye people will be playing it also when it comes.
  5. Qwazin

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Well we are hitting the 15k votes they wanted today most likely, and still a week to go (they closing the voting on the 21. may), so I would say we are getting it for sure, question is when Can't help you with the comparison though, I never played DaoC
  6. Qwazin

    Lineage 2 Classic

    I guess you can debate "based on" since a lot skills did not exist in prelude, like, Snipe, Benediction, Clarity, G-shield/G-Might, Wild Magic etc. etc. However it hardly matters, safe to say is though, It's the old L2, before NCSoft ruined it
  7. Qwazin

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Since Everglade made a topic about how the current L2 is doing, I thought I should post a bit more about how L2 Classic is, so below is posts from a thread I made on another forum, based on a lot of researching, and playing on the Russian L2 Classic server a bit: L2 CLassic is based on C1/C2, with modifications to make it more balanced, its important to note that it is NOT the original L2, there are mostly likeley changes you hate, but also changes you love. A few quotes here from the Innova voting page, before I dip into more details: "Levelling in Lineage 2 Classic is so hardcore that you will be severely punished for mistakes and you will value each point of experience. Incomparable fun for all the fans of classic hardcore!" "Is open PVP and hunting innocent players your favourite source of fun? Get ready to lose valuable equipment if you fail to stand the battle" L2C is using the same client as the "normal" L2, L2C have aproximately 1/6 drop rate of original L2, this means soulshots are too xpensive to use, and even using arrows can take quite a chunk out of your income, Max level is currently lvl 75, Top armor grade is b-grade Don't expect to make a constant party and get max level in no time, 1-40 will take you at least a month, of hardcore grinding. Kamaels and Ertheias do not exist. Sieges not yet implemented (coming with Age of War) No catacombs (Don't know if it will come) If you die to mobs, you may drop items, if you die to PK, nothing, besides some hard earned exp. Aden and its territories coming in update Age of Splendor - no herbs - no newbie helper (no weapons / no buffs / no jewelery / no tokens) - you can use http://lineage.pmfun.com/ for drops but: • gold drop chance is about 50% • gold amount is about 1/6 of the amount on the page • there are monsters in game not listed on this site (eg. - regen mp is about 2mp/tick when sitting for warriors - regen mp is about 3.5mp/tick when sitting for mages - regen hp is about 30hp/tick when sitting for warriors - regen mp is about 20hp/tick when sitting for mages *tick is every 4sec - stun and sleep is almost 100% chance - poison magic skills can crit / half crit and does huge damage, even when they fail to poison the target - you can buff / heal mobs [haven't checked berserker trolling yet] - there is monster truck derby (not accessible from starting villages) [main trading post] - heal can crit - magic damage is not flat (you can do wide area of damage with same skill of the same mob eg. 220-285)
  8. Qwazin

    Lineage 2 Classic

    That might be. But it doesn't have to be that good either, to still be better than the current games out there.
  9. Qwazin

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Some time ago Korea/Russia added Official L2 Classic servers, based on C1/C2 It's now time to vote for getting an EU one also, so if People are interested signup is here: https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/ If someone wants more info about what Classic server is, you can check these links out: http://boards.rochand.com/viewforum.php?f=53&sid=4b29c4b3d10d754b68ba193fbfbca922 https://4gameforum.com/forums/general-discussion.477/
  10. Qwazin

    Lineage Eternal

    Nothing official yet, I saw a few places where its mentioned to be in 2014, so still a long way
  11. Qwazin


    You do know that the natural biotope for most of the fish we put in aquariums is far from how most of us make their aquariums well I guess that isn't entirely correct, but for instance, in the amazon, in a single river, there is a lot of different biotopes, with the same species
  12. Qwazin


    After my parents rescued a little duckling from its mom, it believes my dad is its new mom, so it have been allowed to stay inside and explore his aquariums.
  13. Qwazin

    HoD Queue times

    This week we have had 0 queue all evenings on our homeland though
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