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  1. 3090 is the followup for Titan RTX i believe. At least i bought my 2080Ti last year during the summer because Cyberpunk was coming.... since that was delayed twice i could have waited another year since they are hyping 30xx now with it.... although i assume 2080Ti will run cyberpunk just fine
  2. sadly only 8 episodes... i did not realize before finishing episode 8
  3. only 6 more months wait!
  4. to get that oldschool feeling we should get Ern to lead so he can go afk to cook meat in wine
  5. can always go the pirate's way or as it is now known: surprise discounts
  6. ze dlc has landed..
  7. Dont forget the (free) high res texture packs
  8. if you havent played the previous ones the borderlands handsome collection (borderlands & borderlands 2 + DLC's) is now only 6 euro on steam
  9. Salatrel

    Grim Dawn

    made it to 16 before i found the skills tab
  10. I have also downloaded this.
  11. Full Throttle Remastered is free for another 25 hours or so: https://www.gog.com/game/full_throttle_remastered?pp=44a1b665cceda52001aa6fa3bb69d2cfefc0a91c
  12. your lack of updates is disturbing....
  13. did your kitten run into the night king?
  14. I got a closed beta invite
  15. it's like our own personal EU... the south is about to waste a lot of money and the north will fix it
  16. maybe if you use ancient input/output devices there might not be driver support? Otherwise i see no reason not to upgrade.
  17. my pc has a radeon 4750...... i havent been gaming on it for a while now think the most recent game is diablo 3
  18. i took the 7 days time and lvled my mage from 80 to 90 they nerfed the required xp i assume because it went so fast
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