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  1. Salatrel


    remember no pre orders!
  2. Salatrel

    Apex Legends

    I have also downloaded this.
  3. Salatrel

    Random Game Store Deals.

    Full Throttle Remastered is free for another 25 hours or so: https://www.gog.com/game/full_throttle_remastered?pp=44a1b665cceda52001aa6fa3bb69d2cfefc0a91c
  4. Salatrel

    Tiny monitor

    it's not even 4k
  5. Salatrel

    Meet Echo, our puppy! :D

    your lack of updates is disturbing....
  6. Salatrel

    Meet Bella, my kitten! :D

    did your kitten run into the night king?
  7. Salatrel

    Quake Champions

    I got a closed beta invite
  8. Salatrel

    CIV 6 - gameplay trailer E3

    pretty epic
  9. Salatrel

    What about this setup?

    it's like our own personal EU... the south is about to waste a lot of money and the north will fix it
  10. Salatrel

    Win 10 or win 7

    maybe if you use ancient input/output devices there might not be driver support? Otherwise i see no reason not to upgrade.
  11. Salatrel

    AMD & Nvidia gfx blabla.

    my pc has a radeon 4750...... i havent been gaming on it for a while now think the most recent game is diablo 3
  12. Salatrel

    Warlords of Draenor - World of Warcraft new expansion

    i took the 7 days time and lvled my mage from 80 to 90 they nerfed the required xp i assume because it went so fast
  13. Salatrel


    ohh its not a gif now i ruined the game