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  1. Sinafein

    Lost Ark

    Looks like Thirain is full
  2. Sinafein


    i backed this game, and it seems awsome, even i only played a little
  3. http://www.ubisoft.com/da-dk/event/happy-playdays-2017/
  4. Sinafein

    Black Desert Online

    I would like a key if any have a spare
  5. My problem is i would like it to show up when you make a search for "Thai massage herning" and it does not show up. Name of the page is Nu-on.dk Shop name is nu-on Original Thai massage So i don't know how i do get it to show up.
  6. I could some help with some homepage stuff. My wife have a small shop and we had a friend make us a homepage. Problem is that when you search for it on google, it does not show up. I have found out that we maybe need some meta tags or something like that. The page is made in Wordpress and i tried use a plugin to add meta tags, but does not seems to work properly. I have no knowledge editing in wordpress and need help bad. Any who can help us with that homepage to make it show up on more searches.
  7. i am playing too to. Made a revenant, but only 25 right.
  8. Any playing this game, i just joined beta today.
  9. Would it be a big mistake to go after a windows phone like the new Lumia 640 xl?
  10. No multiplayer.. only single player. I like the game a lot, look very beautifull, and its fun to see how the trafic moves around.
  11. This game look very good. There's a lot of "let's play" on youtube now .
  12. Omg, been waiting so long for such a game
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