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  1. Chris

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    US/Western players are already starting to complain about lack of communication and support. It's like they never experienced L2 before.
  2. My Google-Fu is coming up short figuring out the logistics of setting up a TV system that I can use for a retail environment. Ideally, I would like to run 1 TV showing some adverts, changing every 30 seconds or so... a couple TV's playing different movies, and maybe eventually a multi-tv setup of 2 or 3 TV's running in-sync. Any way to accomplish this from 1 PC/laptop setup?
  3. Chris


    I have hosting with SiteGround. No issues thus far, but I still haven't gotten my site up and running yet either. What theme are you using? I picked up the Ultimo theme... Very daunting, the amount of options and adjustments
  4. Chris


    Haha... auto-correct has done that to me many times already.
  5. Chris


    Anyone have experience with Magento? Just created a site with it as my e-commerce platform. No questions yet that I can't figure out with Google, but just curious if anyone here would have some experience.
  6. Bonus weekend in effect again... nice chance to get some points and unlocks
  7. That Double XP weekend was nice... Went from level 17 to Level 32 now
  8. As a casual player, i'm finding it difficult to maintain or gain any resources for upgrades. If my Gold or Elixir gets close to 2M, i wake up to half a dozen attacks and i'm either +/- 100 pts... Rather annoying, guess I either have to go active on attacks or quit.
  9. Check the solo missions. I felt the same way as you at first regarding the flying aspect of the game, but now I understand the controls much better after some practice. Also, the F keys will allow you to roll and do various flight maneuvers as well.
  10. Chris

    Fallout 4

    Yeah that seemed to help... Now, back to work...
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